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Earn up to 103.08 $SUSHI with new bounty questions

The new way to earn and redeem more mycash® than ever before. With Real Time Rewards, once you reach 3,000 Tier Points, you start earning additional my cash . The more you play and earn, the more rewards you’ll get! The latest Tweets from SushiChef (@SushiSwap). A community-built open-source ecosystem of all the DeFi tools you need 🍣🔱. Tokyo, Japan This is the best sushi making kit for visual learners eager to get their sushi creation up and running. Price: $24.95. via Hinkler Books Bonus: Best Sushi Making Accessories. The best sushi making kits call for a few key accessories and Asian cooking utensils to round out the DIY sushi experience. Gemini Earn is a lending program through which you may choose to lend your crypto to certain institutional borrowers and earn interest on your crypto. On the Gemini platform, customers can view their combined trading balance and Earn balance, as well as the interest they’ve earned. Initial growth has resulted from 1) following up with past virus-removal clients & pitching and 2) pitching the software to new clients. I get more yes than no - maybe about 70-75% yes. I get more yes than no - maybe about 70-75% yes. "Any question" places a strict limit on the number of questions allowable to exactly one. For example, there was exactly one question as to who wore the pants. However, where the number of questions has not been determined, or is unrestricted, then the plural should be used. Is there any question that I am correct? I don' think so. Contributors who want to earn more sushi than their share of the harvest pays them can download the SushiBar app, which allows them to stake the sushi they hold to obtain the xSushi token, which is made up of sushi bought on the open market combined with a proportion of the fees generated by the SushiSwap exchange. Kombu is a type of seaweed and it is prepared by using a special cooking method known as tsukudani. In this method, the seaweed is simmered in soy sauce with mirin, cooking sake, and sugar.You may substitute some of the items with honey, agave, or tamari sauce. #8. Tempura Shrimp or Tenmusu [TSUNAMI SUSHI TRAINER GUIDE] Shoulder to shoulder, please. Hello, I am Caleb and I will be your trainer for this session. I wish you all good luck! This session will contain V sections - Greetings, Trivia, Grammar, Food Rush, and Trolling. Please ensure to use grammar throughout this session and follow our community guidelines. An Awaiting Training needs ll points to pass, lll for Waiter ... Updated: January 2022. Crypto staking is a popular way to earn passive income but it’s also so much more! If you are new to crypto staking, we encourage you to read our free staking guide to learn more about what it is really all about.. Disclaimer: All of the content written on CoinMarketExpert is unbiased and based on objective analysis.The information provided on this page should not be ...

2022.01.28 14:20 bmflip Earn up to 103.08 $SUSHI with new bounty questions

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2022.01.28 14:20 Icey688 Bipod question

For my .308 Ar10 with a free float handguard Id like to get a bipod for it. Looking at getting a Harris S-BRM bipod. I would need, for example, the Magpul M-Lock Bipod Mount correct? Any QD bipod mounts suggested incase Id like to go that route?
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2022.01.28 14:20 xx3amori Can't place Airline HQ. Everything else works.

Can't place Airline HQ. Everything else works. submitted by xx3amori to CitiesSkylines [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 14:20 Mortyvawe Mendas Journey [Part VIII] – Past the strait of Durínni-hetr

Sailing down south from Arthannos, Mendas crew approached two large rocky islands, one mountainous and the other more welcoming with its broad open beaches and openings. They had been told by some fishermen at Kisra that there was a strait they could pass through between the islands should they not return the same way they came and sail the long way around. The southern isle was known to Mendas as Durínni-hetr where many artists and poets dwelled, some who was duly sought to paint pots and other ceramic vessels in Dara. The northern island was however unknown as it was believed prior to this that the narrow strait suggested to exist was an actual land bridge between the islands – this land was called Callisto.
Siffon of Skiffos was rather proud and said “These people we know as the Tyrrhene, they were once mighty warriors, and we battled their lords and warriors on many occasions. The last war occurred just after the island was being united by Anax Leto. We had sided with one of his old rivals the Archon known as Typhon. However, he had tricked my forefathers into a horrid trap whence many of their ships were burnt whilst gathering to campaign with Typhon. With the whole island in a state of war and destruction we had assumed there was little need to keep a large guard near our ships.”
“I have heard of this story!” said Mendas, “but the name and place is all different, for it was the Durínni nomarch Nimlot who gathered the people of Skiffos to do battle against the nomadic sea people who arrived with destruction to the isle, however, hopelessness gripped Nimlot who instead struck a pack marrying his daughter to the nomad king named Anhot. This united the island and turned the nomads into peaceful settlers. But having first sided with the people of Skiffos they set up a trap where the nomads began the battle and the Durínni army circled around enveloping their former allies!”
Indeed, the islands had a rich history of great warriors who when they settled down to till the land became men of poetry and artistry in remembrance of the great war. Having vanquished the largest Skiffonian army ever assembled and through diplomacy and marriage prevented conquest and destruction.
“There are no finer artists than a man from the Durínni,” mumbled Mendas, “there are no finer songs to be heard or buildings to be seen."
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2022.01.28 14:20 t0asted_ [USA-IN] [H] PayPal [W] 3700x

just looking for the cpu. I have mobo and ram already. not looking to spend more than 210$
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2022.01.28 14:20 I_am_just_a_friend no i dont want to go to the playstore

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2022.01.28 14:20 ORIGINALPOURITINAPOP My mom just picked up a perscription at Walgreens it's a 4oz bottle that says morton grove but the syrup is red. It's like 5mg hydrocodone syrup or something. I didn't get a good look at it but has anyone ever seen this?

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2022.01.28 14:20 Enbyonkers Finally got around to embracing my trans masculinity as well as my non-binary side <3

For a while, I was so scared of coming out for many reasons as most LGBTQIA+ people, and one of those reasons is what this story is based around.
During the middle of the pandemic, I started thinking a lot more about my gender identity. At first, I thought I was genderfluid, then after a bit, I realized that something was too much about that for me.
I soon realized I was Non-Binary but there was one thing holding me back from coming out fully. I always knew I was more masculine, I just had a hard time embracing it. I was afraid to come out and tell people that I use He/They pronouns because I was afraid that people would think that I say I use He/They pronouns because they're the most commonly known pronouns that aren't the ones I was assigned at birth. That's not at all why I use He/They pronouns.
I use them because I am Non-Binary and Trans Masculine and they're the pronouns that I feel most confident using. So at first I came out as Non-Binary and said I use They/Them pronouns. That worked out pretty well, but I still didn't come out to that many people and it didn't feel right with just They/Them.
Fast forward a bit to yesterday afternoon. I had one of the best therapy sessions that I had had in a long time. I felt so amazing and confident afterward that on the drive home I told my dad my actual pronouns and I explained to him what Trans Masculinity is. I've now come out to my friends and my mom too and I'm feeling much more confident in my pronouns as well as my new name.
Thanks for reading my story :D I hope you all know that you are loved and you have a loving community that will support you through all the shit you have to deal with. Throughout the journey of discovering my gender, I had a lovely group of friends that consisted of a bisexual, an aromantic, and a gay person. They are the best friends I could ever have and they helped me so much. Cya later everyone <33
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2022.01.28 14:20 seaprincesshnb TeamRocketPVP: #Battlers #GirlsThatPvP @SosaFlo1 is back at it again, attempting another Drogane Character Challenge! This time it's Brendan from the Hoenn region.

TeamRocketPVP: #Battlers #GirlsThatPvP @SosaFlo1 is back at it again, attempting another Drogane Character Challenge! This time it's Brendan from the Hoenn region. submitted by seaprincesshnb to TeamRocketPVP [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 14:20 dadasad2125 I'm thinking of resubbing. How good is the Shadowbringers MSQ? Would it be worth saving up my lunch money for a few weeks to resub just for the MSQ and the raids?

I don't do much else other than MSQ + raids, so would it be worth it to resub just for the Shadowbringers MSQ?
Thanks for any info!
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2022.01.28 14:20 Hefty_Huckleberry596 YOU MAY HAVE TO LEAVE “LEAVES”

I know the title can sound a little confusing as if I’m bashing the group we have here at “leaves”, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. I love the community that’s been built here and i know it’s helping a lot of people. However, as a person who has been clean since July 4th, 2020 after everyday use since 2014, leaving Reddit and those motivational quit weed YouTube videos helped tremendously for me. It allowed me to put it in the past and create a whole new world outside of the old me. Sure i had my bad days where i thought about that good high, but i created such a new positive life for myself, that i just knew it wasn’t even worth the high.
A lot of times, the urge of wanting to do something comes from the restriction of telling yourself you can’t. Your energy and actions will go where your focus is directed. If you’re always here reading stories and not ACTIVELY creating a life outside of the person you used to be, you’re likely to fail. Yes it’ll be hard, I’m not saying it’s easy at all because i know it’s not! But there’s an old saying that sounds harsh but it’s true, “the easiest way to get over a b*tch, is to get another one”. Meaning, the best way to lose this mental prison like habit that drains all your energy, is to pick up new POSITIVE habit(s) that replaces the old ones.
This post may not be for everyone as some people may need the constant support, and i totally respect and understand that. But for others that this may resonate with, go to the gym CONSISTENTLY just like you used to light that blunt consistently. Go play basketball like you used to before you got hooked on weed, learn how to box like you always said you wanted to but just couldn’t get yourself up to do it because of your addiction. All these new positive habits are imperative in replacing the old ones that took up most of your time for so long. Remember, it’s not just ditching a bad habit , it literally creating a whole new lifestyle!
In conclusion, the body follows the mind, so if your mind is constantly on your old self and the good ol times when you smoked , you’ll never emerge into your new BETTER self without a substance. Haven’t been here since early last year and wanted to share what finally allowed me to escape this dark road.
PSA : life is so much better without it , moved to a new city, making 3x the income i used to, face cleared up from the acne i battled from those munchies, and actually have a lot more healthy relationships with positive people in this world. You can do it, just change your mindset!
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2022.01.28 14:20 bruh_momentt1234 Found Big A singing You Belong With Me in a choir

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2022.01.28 14:20 Ben5544477 If someone has a salary of $70,000 and they want a salary of $120,000+, what do you think is the best thing for them to do?

Does it depend on the industry?
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2022.01.28 14:20 okxlex question

so i am a 16 year old girl who was diagnosed with adhd in 1st grade. up until recently when i have been exposed to information about autism i’ve been questioning wether or not i have it. but it seems like with every article i try to read or get info from makes it out to seem like the only “symptoms” or even list of character traits of girls with autism are avoiding eye contact, collecting things, and trouble with socializing. but the thing is, i already have and know this. so where else can i look? i have brought it up with my therapist multiple times but every time i do it seems like she doesn’t believe me because apparently self diagnosing autism is popular on tiktok and i think that’s what she thinks i’m trying to do. does anyone have any advice on where to learn more about it or what to do?
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2022.01.28 14:20 igloouk *EXCLUSIVE* BTI episode | Honor No More | Exclusive X-Division Match | Jan 27, 2022

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2022.01.28 14:20 Leviticus_805 Phone App Fitness Coach:Home Workout has a cool promo of Ngannou and Ciryl(dated due to outcome of fight)

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2022.01.28 14:20 KodyKix Sister wanting to rehome puppy…BAD IDEA!!

My sister is thinking of rehoming her 9 year old pit bull puppy. she is getting overwhelmed with the responsibilities of looking after her. Her son sleeps with the puppy every night and the puppy usually always checks in on my nephew during the day.. It’s so cute. I live a few hours from my sister so I am going to adopt the puppy on my experts or anyone who is knowledgeable with dogs.. can you please write how it will be emotionally TRAUMATIZING FOR THE PUPPY TO BE LEFT AT A SHELTER? just imagine the car ride it doesn’t even know what’s going on then when they are at the shelter they don’t see my sister or the nephew! it will be heart broken! thanks!
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2022.01.28 14:20 Objective_Bobcat_242 Trail for a cyclocross bike?

Hi guys, I’m looking for a fun ride for a cyclocross bike. Thank you!
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2022.01.28 14:20 Wilson__Volleyball How often do you say the p word?

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2022.01.28 14:20 unit111 Immersion broken. Two washing machines on top of each other? Come on...

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2022.01.28 14:20 NewsElfForEnterprise 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale previewed ahead of February unveiling

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2022.01.28 14:20 Particular-Funny-244 Dutasteride’s not working what should I do?

Why dutasteride is not working for me?
So I’ve noticed my receding hairline since I was 16. It kept receding a little till I was 18 and hairfall started to get worse. So I decided I’ll have to do something and so I went to doc and got on Topical 5% min and 0.1% finasteride solution for 2months it made my hair thicker and i can see some thin regrowth on the hairline but it caused itching on my head really bad. So I stopped and started on finax 1mg(finasteride generic tab) daily with dutamax 0.5mg (dutasteride generic tab) twice a week for 7months it didn’t seem to work so I started with 0.5mg dutamax tab daily only and dropped fin. And now it’s been 7months of dutamax 0.5mg daily and it’s still not working my hairloss is still progressing. So it’s been 14months of treatment and it’s still not working . And I’ve not noticed any side effects as such only ball aching sometimes. What to do should I stop? Please give some advice guys.
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2022.01.28 14:20 royalbluesword Terrifying pic of Lion eating a monkey. Nature is brutal

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2022.01.28 14:20 burtzev [Canada] A Nation's Journey into 'the Darkest Recesses of Human Behaviour'

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2022.01.28 14:20 SarwisMan Canadians! Get $30 when you spend $30! - One of the first times our bonus is this high. Usually only $5 - $10. Now $30 for a limited time with a Rakuten referral.

Canadians! Get $30 when you spend $30! - One of the first times our bonus is this high. Usually only $5 - $10. Now $30 for a limited time with a Rakuten referral. submitted by SarwisMan to CanadaReferralCodes [link] [comments]