Sorry if this has been asked but….

2022.01.28 13:38 Belle691 Sorry if this has been asked but….

Are Bowmar Athletes coached to say “this is my new #1” or do they just not want to piss of Sarah? Lol
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2022.01.28 13:38 va1984 Graph view plug-in?

Has anyone heard anything about a graph view plug-in being developed? Obsidian-style?
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2022.01.28 13:38 leftfield61 New spices and hot sauce area

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2022.01.28 13:38 LittleDeerDragonfly 18+ SFW Discord Server

Used to be 'Great Britannia' but sadly got deleted a few months back by one of the admins, myself and another are now taking over in hopes to create a wholesome community once again with the intent of making friends around you. DM me for the link.
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2022.01.28 13:38 sunmoonandstars__ How to deal with a toxic friend who's weird with your bf?

Hi all,
Her and I started off as co-workers, who quickly became co-workers who always were working together, then to inseparable best friends. Both of us were single, just trying to get through the long shifts at the job we hated. Quite a bit of time passed of us working together and building a friendship before she began to notice one of our co-workers being flirtatious with me.
Fast forward, him (co-worker) and I began dating. She (best friend) was obsessed with him. She referred to him as her "big brother", had his phone number, and had his social media. They're very close in age, while I'm a year younger than she is. She never told me about what they talked about, she was very secretive about it. Meanwhile, my boyfriend would call me, screenshot texts, or tell me if we were with each other and show me what she would text him. Truly, it was nothing bad at all. This didn't phase me as it was usually about our relationship (where we went on a date, if we are hanging out, what he's buying me for X holiday, work things, etc.).
Things were great. It seemed like a dream to have a best friend who got along with my boyfriend, and we all worked together. It was when she got a boyfriend that things began to get weird. To quickly note, our boyfriends are completely opposite of each other. I'm going to list just a few things she said/did:
- One random work day, it was pretty slow so we were chatting quite a bit. Very normal for us. Suddenly, she began to ask me weird questions regarding my relationship (she was a few months into her relationship, I was about a year in). All of her answers to my responses were along the lines of, "I wish my boyfriend did that for me", "Where can I train my boyfriend to be like that? If you deserve that, so do I", etc. Overall, the responses made me feel horrible. Almost like I didn't deserve my healthy relationship. I'm not a confrontational person, so instead of confronting her, I just kind of shut down and ended the conversation there.
- After my boyfriend was done his shift, he found me in our workplace to say goodbye. She saw our interaction. Once my boyfriend left, she randomly said something super strange that didn't sit right with me. She said, "You know last night I was thinking what life would've been like if I were the one who had got with your boyfriend and not you. I just can't stop thinking about it."
- On multiple occasions, she'd wait until my boyfriend wasn't around me to text me. Whether he was working or out with friends, she'd know I wasn't with him so she'd text me something that could've got me mad enough at my boyfriend to want to break up or just a lie that made me feel super down. I knew she would be lying because my boyfriend would come to me a day or days before and tell me about whatever happened. For example, our boyfriends were hanging out (with some other guys too). Beforehand, they were all texting about where to go/what to do. Some guys suggested clubs, but my boyfriend said he didn't want to go and if they wanted to, they could go without him. He showed me the conversation and everything, even though I didn't ask. But when she randomly texted me 2 days later, she blamed it on my boyfriend saying he was texting all of the guys to go to a club. She didn't know I had already seen the texts and knew the actual story.
Since then, I haven't responded to her texts but I feel guilty. I miss our old friendship prior to the friendship where she makes it seem like our relationships are in competition. I can't stop thinking about the old times when we were happy and had fun together, not just me answering her questions about my relationship and hearing how it differs from hers. But I can't stop feeling guilty for just ending our friendship even though I feel so bad after every conversation we have.
Any advice on how to get rid of this guilty feeling and to move on since the old friendship is long gone?
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2022.01.28 13:38 MisterPotter17 *surprise pikachu face

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2022.01.28 13:38 Gold_Staff_4881 Relapsed after 90 Days… 😭😑

Hey guys, i just want to write something because I’m feeling like shit right now.
I’m going though a very rough time in life at the moment and was looking for ways to better myself and work on myself and hopped on this Train 90 Days ago.
I made it to 90 Days on Hard mode without any relapse on my first streak.
NoFap isn’t a magic pill sadly, it won’t solve all your issues and the effects are mostly placebo.
(But that’s not a bad thing, placebo is extremely powerful!)
I just want to stay realistic. I know many people don’t want to hear this, but it’s reality.
I’ll hop back on this Roller Coster, let’s see what happens… this time I’ll stop focusing on days so much
(I know that pretty much everyone suggests not counting days but in my opinion that’s totally normal on the first streak and everyone will go though this experience after relapses) We tend to learn best from our own experiences after all :)
I only had one wet dream at around day 60
My load was pretty small honestly, any ideas why?
I thought I’m gonna have a big load like in some porn movies lol
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2022.01.28 13:38 EricVBosse Pro Football Focus just put out their picks for the Best and Worst FA signings of last off-season. Obviously Hendrickson was there with how well he played but it was surprising to see Kenny Galloday on there. Remember when we tried getting him to sign in Cincy? Glad that didn't work out

Pro Football Focus just put out their picks for the Best and Worst FA signings of last off-season. Obviously Hendrickson was there with how well he played but it was surprising to see Kenny Galloday on there. Remember when we tried getting him to sign in Cincy? Glad that didn't work out submitted by EricVBosse to bengals [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 13:38 mdragon17 Cubewars: SMP

Cubewars has a verity of different games such as: Factions, Bedwars and Survival from 1.8 - 1.18
If your interested in joining I`ll leave a link to the Discord server
The IP to join the Minecraft server is There`s also a store where you can buy ranks and cosmetics There`s one more thing which is the Forum where you can apply for staff , ranks and file reports. :From the Cubewars Staff Team:
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2022.01.28 13:38 Vast-Dance-4751 2012 VW CC

I have a 2012 VW CC that my son drives. It was just diagnosed with a bad timing chain that caused some other damage. Repair estimate is $9,000. What is the best thing I can do with this car? Try to sell it? Trade it? Junk it?
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2022.01.28 13:38 damien33000 Breakbeat Techno to Acid Mentalwave. Selection of the best of 2021-2022: breakbeat, drum&bass, house, techno, acid. KAS:ST, Kölsch, Ben Böhmer, Innelea, Agents of Time etc.

Breakbeat Techno to Acid Mentalwave. Selection of the best of 2021-2022: breakbeat, drum&bass, house, techno, acid. KAS:ST, Kölsch, Ben Böhmer, Innelea, Agents of Time etc. submitted by damien33000 to breakbeat [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 13:38 Cetodogboat Would you all pay for delivery if it was offered?

I heard at the beginning of the pandemic out east delivery was an option, but I didn't really see many using it or talking about it on here.
I just think it would be useful for those at work who miss out on the things they want and sales and for those who are just frankly too sick to function. thoughts?
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2022.01.28 13:38 nallenium How to restore the shine on my dining table?

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2022.01.28 13:38 dreamaboutdeath The Queen

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2022.01.28 13:38 GorodKrovi115 Don’t get sick pay from work and I need money been forced to go home for a week because someone in my house has Covid

I’m about to ask if I can get full paid or I will be in tomorrow to work as I need the money. If both get rejected is there anything I can do? It states on the NHS guidelines that I don’t have to isolate.
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2022.01.28 13:38 osrs_100 Cmon some are pretty funny

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2022.01.28 13:38 NarphXXX Parking brake wire 2004 ford excursion

Someone could have had a view from me if there was a good video on finding the parking brake wire. Everyone just wants to tell you how to bypass this system and it’s silly. I’m not interested in bypass.
How do I find the park wire?
Is it a wire in the steering column off the gear select or is it a wire off the ebrake?
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2022.01.28 13:38 SnooApples6442 Flying out of Boston Sunday evening

People who have flights booked to leave out of Logan Sunday evening…possible? Or some are canceled? My flight leaves 8:20 pm and mostly I’ve seen the early morning ones are the ones cancelled Help me out!
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2022.01.28 13:38 sakura_nakayama Do you like it?

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2022.01.28 13:38 SavantsCircle The Rouge Mage, Thrall of the Lich. For Scenario 2 of Thaw of the Lich Lord

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2022.01.28 13:38 jump-run-jimp What does a girl need to do to get some karma ?

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2022.01.28 13:38 yenraelmao 3yo has a burn blister on hand, would you apply a bandage? Would you send them to daycare?

My 3yo burned his hand in a freak accident: he was standing on a chair but leaned over too far and his dad caught him, but he was holding a pan and LO grabbed the pan instinctively. It's not too bad: about 15-20% of his hand had first degree burns and he was ok after the usual cold water compress and some pain killers. Now one of the blisters on his hand broke and I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. I cleaned it and applied antibiotic ointment, but then should I bandage it up too? I talked to an advice nurse yesterday and she said, well, you can try but he won't keep it on. But since he's not too distraught and we were planning to send him to daycare today, and I feel like they'd have better luck keeping it clean if we bandaged it. But I worry since the blister is between his third and fourth finger and I don't want to bandage it too tightly to cut off circulation, or too lightly so that it doesn't stay on. I also read you should use gauze instead of bandage? But we only have bandages at home right now. Would just a large bandage be ok? I also worry daycare wouldn't want him there? Like ideally we'd just focus on keeping his hand clean and applying antibiotic ointment, which I'm not sure I could ask the daycare teacher to do? Should I keep him home instead? We do have a doctor's appointment later in the afternoon but I feel like I don't know the logistics of what to do until then. Does anyone else have experience with burns on little ones?
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2022.01.28 13:38 goringbulky Looking for an experienced writer to help manage scaling website articles using MTurk

Apologies if this isn't allowed.
I run a SEO company that writes tons (hundreds of thousands) of pages targeting very small volume keywords that no one else ranks for. Usually the pages consist of 1-2 unique paragraphs explaining what the keyword is, and that's it!
I'm looking for someone to brainstorm with me if 1) MTurk is the right platform for this, and 2) ideally manage this process starting with small tests and then scaling it out as we go. We already have about 300k keywords that need at least 1 paragraph written for so there's a lot to be done. It's a very valuable part of the business so the pay will be good.
Feel free to DM me experience, resume, portfolio, etc., and we can setup a very quick call to align!
Thank you.
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2022.01.28 13:38 imallSevens Don't give them a cent

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2022.01.28 13:38 jayc_268 Every Treyarch Zombies Map Ranked Worst to Best Tier List (Opinion)

Every Treyarch Zombies Map Ranked Worst to Best Tier List (Opinion) If you'd like to see my complete analysis of every map, I'll have that linked here:
Every Treyarch Map Ranked Complete Analysis

Every Treyarch Zombies Map Ranked Worst to Best
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