Here’s a little something to inspire you as you jumpstart your day. 💖

2022.01.28 13:02 beachnachos Here’s a little something to inspire you as you jumpstart your day. 💖

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2022.01.28 13:02 WhatAWorthlessUser My M1C sniper rifle is finally complete!

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2022.01.28 13:02 iradner [WTB] One-person tent for thru-hike (>30 OZ)

I am looking to buy a 1p tent, with the intention of using it for the Colorado Trail this summer. I am open to both Silpoly or DCF, depending on the price and condition. I am 6'1, so the tent needs to be long enough to accommodate my height. Thanks!
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2022.01.28 13:02 itwasntme22 [Homemade] Tonkotsu Ramen

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2022.01.28 13:02 FrontpageWatch2020 [#552|+1531|401] Apple CEO: ‘We Don’t Make Purely Financial Decisions’ About Apple TV Plus Content [r/movies]

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2022.01.28 13:02 Binlybinbin I need some help on which 5 capos to pour resources into

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2022.01.28 13:02 Failman1994 Divine Ire Cold Conversion Occultist Build Idea/Help

So I am currently tinkering on a DI Cold Conversion Occultist but my PoB Warrior Skills still need to be improved :D I am pretty sure i wanna/should use:

I am still thinking if I should go Crit For DI Supports I was thinking of:
Do you guys have some Inspiration for Uniques or nice mechanics I could use?
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2022.01.28 13:02 SirMustardo Ich💩iel

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2022.01.28 13:02 fudandelion Yumihisu Art

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2022.01.28 13:02 LastB0ySc0ut CCI 450s in stock on Brownells

Brownells has CCI 450s in stock for $90/box of 1,000 (limit 2 boxes). NOT a good deal, but I know people need them. Don't forget to use the various shipping discount codes you can find with Google.
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2022.01.28 13:02 RaspberryRock Recovering from the Snow Storm

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2022.01.28 13:02 FrontpageWatch2020 [#461|+1110|304] Say something for 500 awards. Just one person gets them though, i don't have infinite amounts of awards smh [r/teenagers]

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2022.01.28 13:02 stevic1 determined musashi...

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2022.01.28 13:02 Jonny2284 Devvy playing an acoustic set in the UK

I know last year when I went to the same festival Millie Manders got about 40 minutes for her set, so I'm pumped.
Anyone else going?
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2022.01.28 13:02 segvcore An Arizona bill would empower state legislators to reject election results

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2022.01.28 13:02 golden_oreo1 Summer Bridge Program

Hi, incoming freshman here! As someone who is FLI, I wanted to know if anyone has any information on the Summer Bridge Program. I know it's invite only, so I was wondering when those invitations usually come out. Any info would be greatly appreciated :)
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2022.01.28 13:02 Salmundo Ben Elenbaas announces run for Ericksen's Senate seat

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2022.01.28 13:02 AlexanderXDnt Momento latam jaja

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2022.01.28 13:02 FrontpageWatch2020 [#132|+1612|96] Pittsburgh bridge collapses hours ahead of President Biden's scheduled visit to the city this afternoon, where he was expected to deliver remarks on his recently passed infrastructure law. [r/nevertellmetheodds]

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2022.01.28 13:02 National-Warthog7683 Mr Bean@exams

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2022.01.28 13:02 jatin_vision Domestic cricketers delighted with BCCI’s decision on Ranji trophy | Cricket News

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2022.01.28 13:02 wuanlai65 Totoro Inu - The Most Underrated Inu Project! | Launching Now on BSC | Amazing community and unique utility! | Audited | Reflections | The next moon shot!

They will be listed on LBank!- Global Exchange with $840M in daily trade volume that will allow investors from all over the world to join the Totoro titans!
Live on CMC and CG!
High $ daily volume!
No team tokens
Supportive and close-knit community, active team, awesome utility, huge marketing budget and low market cap are only few reasons why you should check Totoro Inu project.

Why is Totoro Inu unique?
$Totoro is a utility token which will be used on the upcoming launchpad, TotoroPad, a multi-chain, anime themed launchpad with a refund system to ensure your security and satisfaction. The team aims to develop a whole brand, ecosystem and to become a reference among the biggest projects with major partnerships and innovative functions for the token.
- - - -
- 4% goes towards liquidity.
- 6% goes towards a marketing wallet
- 1% goes towards holders as a reflection
Liquidity is locked for one year to start with, and the team commits to 100% transparency to make you, our community members, feel safe. We are always open to feedback, ideas and suggestions via our social media channels.
- - - -
Our extended roadmap includes the following - audits, promotion Youtube videos, Twitter and Telegram marketing, contests and giveaways, CEX listings, crypto influencer marketing, strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects, and an Anime themed Launchpad.
- - - -
Our tax system is designed to ensure the longevity of the token and to make sure that the team has the ability to market Totoro Inu to the standard it deserves. Totoro Inu’s tax per buy and sell is 11%: 4% of this goes to the liquidity pool to ensure stability, 6% goes to the marketing wallet to give us the ability to spread the word about Totoro Inu and 1% is reflected among the Totoro Inu holders!

Safe and Secure:
Our contract was written by experienced developers with an intricate knowledge of both Solidity and the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
Contract has passed TechRate audit and has been already renounced making it rug-proof.

We aim to provide a fun, fair, and safe space where projects can launch and survive through any market. $Totoro will be the BSC utility token used on our upcoming launchpad - TotoroPad.
The team is dedicated to creating a brand, an ecosystem and to secure a spot among the biggest tokens in crypto. Totoro Inu was born to educate and democratise DEFI. Thanks to its intuitive, secure and guided system

Static Rewards System:
Totoro Inu holders earn tokens simply by holding them in their wallet. 1% of all the taxes on each transaction go directly to the holders
- - - -

Contract Address: 0x4F29710843caA8A62bC22C95a62cf013f49a3f2F




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2022.01.28 13:02 Typical_LuxTux Florence Pugh

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2022.01.28 13:02 dolphingamer26 What is the most disturbing thing you have ever seen?

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2022.01.28 13:02 yongen96 ROMPAK Is The First Southeast Asian Film To Use NFT

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