This was day 1 without you.

2021.12.01 02:47 its1101pm This was day 1 without you.

To be honest, I feel like shit. I don’t know how I can still miss you after everything that happened. I still feel like a part of me is missing. I was kinda hoping that we could work things out and stay friends. We’ve been friends for so long. But historically, that’s never really worked out in the past. I gave you that one last chance that you wanted, but you ignored me anyway. So this is better for both of us, really. I feel like shit now, but I’ve definitely felt worse. I know it’ll get better someday. Maybe not anytime soon, but someday.
This is my last letter to you. Please take care of yourself. I hope you become that person you said you wanted to be one day.
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2021.12.01 02:47 eddieveddersweater Boo hoo (original content)

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2021.12.01 02:47 Nateyooh All new achievements speedrun

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2021.12.01 02:47 heckathorn4 Feelin blue

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2021.12.01 02:47 Loganiscoo Im dead AA-

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2021.12.01 02:47 spillthabeans New Meg & Trapper Masks?

I noticed that I have new head cosmetics for Meg and Trapper. A new bug or stealth drop with today's patch?
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2021.12.01 02:47 AuroraUwU0 It's that time of the year again
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2021.12.01 02:47 ROGUE_COSMIC I'm old now

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2021.12.01 02:47 JazRejalde MG 1/100 Gundam Nadleeh (Virtue part 2) - Review by Schizophonic9

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2021.12.01 02:47 Killuminati_77 Aiming on console with a controller feels off

Idk what it is it's either too fast or too slow and to top it off the aim assist isn't even working. I've been in numerous gunfights from close quarters to mid range and long range and no matter what range I have in pvp the aim assist just won't kick in but when I warmup against bots for the day on hard the aim assist works atleast decently good. Is anyone else on xbox series x noticing aim assist not working at all for them?
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2021.12.01 02:47 NewsElfForEnterprise Oil hits a 3-month low, Goldman's head of commodity research explains why

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2021.12.01 02:47 Aerionne What is something you hoped or prayed for that didn't work out the way you wanted at the time but ended up being a blessing in disguise and actually working out for the better? [Serious]

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2021.12.01 02:47 yamispirit Got lots of Mob vibes from the new Stone Ocean OP and 99.9 fits really well with it

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2021.12.01 02:47 FFthrowawayTB 29 [M4F] any ladies here ever been to a wild bachelorette party?

Hey :) Thanks for reading. I’m a firefighter bored and work and got to wondering how wild bachelorette parties actually get? Any one have a good story? Hell even a good story from any party? Hope to hear from ya!
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2021.12.01 02:47 Dreaming_Dreams Can you get the ninja skin on ps4?

It’s in the switch store but not ps4 store
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2021.12.01 02:47 No-Guard6635 Reshiram 2422 7253 5072

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2021.12.01 02:47 UselessDeadMemes H: Fixers/handmades (Can Bundle) W: Offers

Looking for a legacy or two but willing to look at any offer. Currently do not need Caps.

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2021.12.01 02:47 razorspoiler New CBJ Gear!

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2021.12.01 02:47 GMEthLoopring Loopring app wallet creation referral code: 010491

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2021.12.01 02:47 bob-mcdowell Just finished WD DH (for the second time) after 21 sessions and 218 days
Ask me anything, I guess. :D
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2021.12.01 02:47 Comprehensive-Bat590 This doesn't look greasy at all

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2021.12.01 02:47 BizzyHaze Investing in cards.

Bought a badged up (9 Hof) Klay Thompson a couple weeks ago for around 250k. Sold today for 500k. I'm wishing I invested in more Klays, seems his price has appreciated nicely while most other cards have decreased. The market is hard to predict, but any other investments that may make a good return down the road?
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2021.12.01 02:47 okashleymay WTF is going on?

I’m confused but not. Also, this is kind of a rant so I apologize.
Ok so Dday was 2 1/2 weeks ago. My WS (36m) was in the hospital. He had two stents put in, and they had to go back in because he had a blood clot. So this was like a major incident which comes with its own trauma and I get that. At this point he had been in the hospital for almost a week, and I had come to visit everyday. I come in, I’m sitting with him asking about what the doctors said that day when he tells me needs to confess something. He then tells me he had been cheating on me since the summer, and the last time he had seen this girl was Halloween weekend (I should add that we got engaged the end of September). I didn’t make a scene, I didn’t scream, I cried and talked a lot through my tears. I was heartbroken. I was so calm I honestly scared myself. I never thought he would ever do such a thing, even though I had noticed him going out way more, but honestly I was happy he was hanging out with friends because he works hard and I though he deserved to have fun. Anyway, he is so remorseful, he’s so sorry, he says he loves me and will never see this woman again. And for some reason I already started talking about how to “fix it”. Idk why but I was convinced “I” could do it.
So the next day he said all the same things and then we get home. He’s weak and I was helping him with a lot of things. I wanted to sleep in separate bed rooms, but he said he was scared to sleep alone so I let him sleep in my bed. I wanted to talk about what I needed emotionally and he kept saying he wasn’t ready for that talk because he had just been through a major medical trauma. Ok, no problem, I can understand that and we planned our big talk for a week later. Well later that week he ended up in the ER (he thought he was having chest pain again but turns out he was ok) and we ended up having that talk then and there. It was a good talk, I told him what he needed and he understood and acknowledged my feelings.
He come out of the hospital again, I’m still helping him with a lot of things and I’m cooking for him but he also starts doing things around the house like he did before which was great. I didn’t tell many people, I had only told my dad and a friend because I was still protective over him and if things worked out I didn’t want everyone I knew to hate him. I also kept wearing my ring this whole time.
Then Thanksgiving weekend came. I don’t know why but this deep sadness came over me. We had dinner at my mom’s, and it was fun but the next day I felt like I was dying inside. We went shopping together on Black Friday and I was miserable, and we went to a concert the next day and I wasn’t happy then either. I don’t know why it took so long for it to slap me in the face but shit it hurt. So Sunday I had to go to a friends house and I was still unhappy, and he didn’t even ask me what was wrong. All I got was “You ok?” And I said “Not really” and he said “Why are you sad” and I said “You know why” and his immediate response was “I don’t want to deal with this right now.”.
Fuck that.
I decided to call him on the way to my friends house and I just lost it. I didn’t scream or say anything nasty or mean, I just told him that if he really wanted things to work, he better start making my feelings a priority. He said I was being “ridiculous” and how many times was I going to bring this up because I am making him feel bad. I FEEL BAD. I woke up feeling like shit everyday on the one 4 day weekend I get all fucking year. He also said the most important thing to him right now was his health, not the fact that I can’t get over a meaningless affair. He said he was trying, like how he was doing more around the house and taking me out. I told him if he wants to fix this he better try harder.
So now I’m at my friends house. I’ve been there for 2 hours. He calls all angry. I help him organize his medication and he says I forgot one, and I must have done it on purpose. He yells “FUCK YOU” and hangs up. I call him a few times and he goes straight to voicemail. I get home and he’s there on the couch, asking me why I did that. I told him I didn’t do it on purpose and I’m sorry that happened. I don’t talk to him the rest of the night and he finally sleeps in the guest room.
Next morning, he comes into the bedroom and kisses me before going to work like he always did pre-Dday. He apologizes, says he’s my fiancé and partner and he loves me, and I told him well that is pretty hard to figure out when he was screaming fuck you. He said sorry again and kissed me and went to work.
Ok now something snapped inside me. I realized that I had really been trying to act like everything would be ok, like I was still the one who was going to fix this.
I stopped wearing my ring, I changed his name in my phone to his formal name, I changed my phone picture to a picture of flowers instead of a picture of us, because I try was tired pretending. And I needed to start taking care of me.
While it would be great to reconcile, I am detaching myself from an outcome and just living the in moment.
Also, everything in his life, most of it least, is things I’ve helped him with or it is just mine. I helped him get a car, I helped him even take care of his family back in his home country, the only family he has here is my family who is way more loving and supportive towards him than his own. The house we live in is my house. Anytime we have gotten in a fight since DDay he threatens to leave. I always say “go ahead” but he’s still here and never actually leaves.
Anyways, so I got home after this realization, and I had called him but it hadn’t gotten though for whatever reason. He asked did I reply all him and I showed him the call log in phone and he starts scrolling through my phone! He asks me why I changed his name in my phone, and I told him because I felt like it. I told him he had no right to do that and went upstairs and didn’t talk to him for the rest of the night (since Dday he started to get very suspicious of me, he never used to ask who I’m talking to or who I’m texting, but now he always seems to ask and what to know what I’m doing on my phone).
In the morning he came in my room to get some socks and I asked him how he was feeling and he said he had been better. I asked him what was wrong and he said it he as the way I was treating him.
I just smiled and went back to sleep. I know that shouldn’t have made me happy but it did. You’re mad because I gave you the silent treatment for a few hours? Ok watch this.
I didn’t talk to him all day. I usually would text at lunch time and call leaving work. I didn’t say anything. I think this is the first time in our almost 3 year relationship that I went a whole day without communication. And it felt fucking good. Maybe I’m petty and childish, but I realized in the time we have been together he has never had to live without me constantly showing him that I care. And never once since Dday has he really thought there was a possibility that I we would break up.
So when I came home I brought all my things up to my room and stayed he. I didn’t want to see home when he got in. I heard him come in and after about 30 minutes, he comes and opens my door. I ask him how his day was and he just stares at me. He asks me if I really care and I said “well I’m asking” and he calls me fake and goes back to the guest room. Now 30 minutes later he’s in my room and forcing me to talk. He says he doesn’t understand why I’m being so unreasonable, and he’s trying to follow all the guidelines I laid out but he needs time.
I know he’s mad because I’m actually making him realize the consequences of his actions instead of just trying to be the one who works everything out. This is his usual process, getting mad and defensive before realizes his part in the problem. I’m usually there to steer us towards resolution. He still tries to blame his anger on my reaction to his cheating (he has never blamed me for the actual cheating, he just wants me to stop being sad about it) and wants me to give him credit for to just coming out and admitting it.
So my question is: this anger and defensiveness, can that change? Did anyone else experience this in the early days? I know I need to give it time. But sometimes I get so mad and sad about everything. We are planning to go to Couples therapy and he’s actually pretty into it because he wants to do “anything” to make it work.
Sorry I know this is long but any words of encouragement are welcomed! Thanks for reading.
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2021.12.01 02:47 Inverzet-Resistanze In a World

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2021.12.01 02:47 TrixiScum Hii! :3 I decided to join reddit, after lurking around it for a while.

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