Automotive Shop Recommendation!

2021.10.22 13:35 summitsuitesdurhamnc Automotive Shop Recommendation!

This shop is selling used Cars. They offer low down payment and requires you with only 3 basic documents! Proof of address, proof of income, and official ID!
Check their facebook page now! (1) Cars & Beyond | Facebook Thank you!
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2021.10.22 13:35 TraditionalGoal422 ✨Stickybuns✨ Finance |🌟 Just Launched on 🥞PancakeSwap and Mooning❗Hold and Earn passive income with 🍰Cake BSC Token | Massive- PUMP- is incoming!

⛑️Stickybuns to the rescue!⛑️
This project was born in on a golden time, the markets are recovering and we need some fresh blood on BSC. Time of rugs and shitcoins are over and only utility based tokens will survive. Our idea formed thanks to a meeting of some young entrepreneurs who want to introduce the fundamentals of the crypto world in everyday life, breaking down the preconception that often binds the cryptocurrency to the purposes of mere speculation.
$SBF is created to be the very opposite of what al these shitcoins are about. Please continue reading this whitepaper to better understand our vision, strategy & roadmap. Our achievements will be heard about anywhere in BSC. Moon is imminent! We are happy to be pioneers and are exited to showcase the new use cases that our project will enable.
$SBF is the next revolution of the BSC shitcoin era, we are here to stay not for quick gains. We are focused and now what we are doing! By Holding $SBF you will get passive $CAKE in your wallet just by holding. Very often these shitcoins try to attract buyers with even higher rewards, but higher rewards will lead to the contract dumping even more tokens. Every token that has more then 10% rewards is definitely not here to stay long term. The token contract employs a static reward system: 15% of every transaction will be split in:
❤️ 3% Auto-LP
🍰 6% CAKE reflection
🗣 6% Marketing
🚀Total slippage: 7%
🔓Liquidity will be locked on DxSale
✅Supply: 1,000,000,000
❤️ Socials 👇
❤️Contract: 0x1430bc4c019f8646ff707f3e176e9a65eb63aae8
❤️Pancakeswap :
❤️ Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.22 13:35 Altruistic_Count_873 Darkrai adding 5. 1414 2001 7664

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2021.10.22 13:35 dreambringer1 Katherine Heigl

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2021.10.22 13:35 Crypto-Peter-Pan Beefy.Finance | Vaults Upgrade | #BeefySAFU | Info Only | No user action is required 👇

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2021.10.22 13:35 sqwirlfucker57 You just know it's going to be a good weekend when both of your ordered get delivered on Friday.

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2021.10.22 13:35 JosephusBidenus Who's the girl in the ski mask in the What's Poppin Remix

Also who are the two chicks in Already Best Friends that Harlow talks to?
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2021.10.22 13:35 Texastoesadven2 Wanna cum inside and play... with my feet of course 😋

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2021.10.22 13:35 LummoxJR BYOND development news 10/22/21

My goodness the station is looking colorful these days. The artisans we brought aboard are doing a great job livening up the place. Their ship needs more work than they thought so they'll be with us awhile. So far the only downside has been that a couple of them dabble in mime, and there was talk about a clown show. I shut that right down. The only clown show in Nanotrasen is Space Station 8! Anyway, show some extra love to maintenance this week; they've been finding weird cocoons in some of the lesser-used corridors so it looks like we have a minor bug situation on our hands. Again.

There's more details on the forums, and this week's early-access Patreon post is about the flattening of appearances and a browse() feature that's been benefiting SS13 for years that you might not have known about. (You can thank Tom for that one.) Polish up your horror stories and bust out the costumes, because Halloween's a-comin'. And remember: giving out full-size candy bars is a fast track to sainthood.
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2021.10.22 13:35 rainbow_grenade Am I the only one who expects them to kiss?

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2021.10.22 13:35 ThingsThatShouldntBe Backflip: White House Contradicts Joe Biden's Promise to Defend Taiwan

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2021.10.22 13:35 j3ffr33d0m Partial Solar eclipse time-lapse

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2021.10.22 13:35 SonnyJoon Please help me pick between these 510 vape batteries

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2021.10.22 13:35 ShortAlgo $GLIN Awaiting Short Signal. Stock Trading Ideas by

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2021.10.22 13:35 Malthe_2009 Rate Arthur’s civil war fit

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2021.10.22 13:35 teledude_22 Was anyone missing prerequisites when they applied?

Hello, so this post is sort of intended for folks shifting fields, particularly from non-STEM to STEM, but it does not have to be, I would like to hear from anyone in any field! My question is, how have folks here dealt with the situation of applying for a grad program (master's or PhD), but seeing that they are missing some required course prerequisites? Did you have luck with this? I have seen this go both ways, either 1) absolutely no way, do not even apply or 2) yes absolutely apply, but just know that you will still need to complete these courses! How have folks here approached this issue? Since I am guessing this would be quite common for non-STEM folks trying to transition to a STEM-graduate program. I suppose this would relate to folks who might be missing the formal prerequisites, but might have built a STEM background through non-traditional education/research experience, etc. Thanks!
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2021.10.22 13:35 develasco22 Premier League 2020-2021 in 45 seconds

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2021.10.22 13:35 Bennehanna On the porcelain throne at work.

For about the last hour. Days like today I’m happy I am not an hourly employee. 🙂
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2021.10.22 13:35 DarkFluo No DP on my Laptop...

Hello! I am currently searching for a good VR headset to get, and I got my eyes on the Valve Index. But the problem is that it requires a Display Port, and my MSI GF75 Thin doesn't have a display port. It has a HDMI port and a "Type-C USB 3.2 gen.1" port. I've done a bit of research and I saw that this USB-C port can't be used as a DP. I also seen people talking about "HDMI to DP", but i don't know if it'd work... So here's my problem : I need to use one of my computer's port as a DP, but I don't know if I can
I don't know much in computers and ports, so if you could help me, it'd be great !
Here's the link to my computer's spec : Thanks in advance !
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2021.10.22 13:35 NewsElfForEnterprise Oil bounces, on track for weekly gains

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2021.10.22 13:35 hardk7 5’8, 167lbs here. Looking to add 10lbs mass over bulk season.

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2021.10.22 13:35 ShortAlgo $HIL Awaiting Buy Signal. Stock Trading Ideas by

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2021.10.22 13:35 HonestParadox PA Midterm Ballot includes new elected positions related to Auditors and Elections

I have been researching and trying my best to fill out my mail-in balot for PA. In my county there are, what appear to me, brand new positions for:

They are all "write-in" candidates only. I reached out to the Democratic Party of and this is the response I recieved for asking about these items:
We do not have one running as a write in for these positions. If you know someone in your area who may be interested, if they can get 25 write ins, they could win these seats if no one at all is running.
I could be wrong about these being new positions, but given the clowning around by the PA Republican state legislature I suspect these new positions in the mid terms are being established as a means to interrupt fair elections in the next general election.
Can we please get some confirmation as to if this is happening at a larger scale and possibly get some national attention on this if this is potentially harmful to future elections? If this turns out not to be of greater concern then I apologize, but it seems like a red flag to me at very low levels of the midterm ballot.
At this time I still have no idea how I can confidently vote for someone for these positions given even my local Democrat Party has no plan for these spots.
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2021.10.22 13:35 greyclouda Newbie here-3 days in!

Hi all! I didn’t think I’d be up to logging every little thing I eat and drink and weighing myself first thing in the AM...but it’s working for me! I really like this system…2 pounds down and feeling more energized already-yay! :)
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2021.10.22 13:35 DickFace_McFee Evaluating a variable outside of While loop

Apologies for the noob question, I've only been programming for a month or so. I've created a Lucky 7s dice game, but when I tell it I don't want to play anymore, it continues asking. I think it has to do with one of the variables not being reassigned, but I'm not sure why. Here's the code I have written:

import random

#assign variables

times_played = 0

#prompt user to bet
print('Would you like to play Lucky 7s? Type Yes or No.')
playing = input()

if (playing == 'Yes') or (playing == 'yes'):
print('How much would you like to bet?')
user_total = int(input('$ '))

while (playing == 'Yes') or (playing == 'yes'):

die1 = random.randint(1,6)
die2 = random.randint(1,6)
dice_total = die1 + die2

if dice_total == 7:
print('You won $4!')
times_played += 1
user_total += 4
print('You have $', user_total, '.')
print('Would you like to keep playing?')
playing == input()

print('Sorry, you lost.')
times_played += 1
user_total -= 1
print('You have $', user_total, '.')
print('Would you like to keep playing?')
playing == input()

print('Thanks for playing.')
print('You rolled', times_played, 'time(s).')
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