The Weeknd x Daniel Arsham - House of Balloons 10th Anniversary

2021.09.24 19:53 SG_Tsunami The Weeknd x Daniel Arsham - House of Balloons 10th Anniversary

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2021.09.24 19:53 spoonyaardvark These notifications

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2021.09.24 19:53 brokedownpalaceguard BTS/Coldplay based their new song on SW --sure sounds like Reylo
Lyric excerpts:
[RM] And they said that we can’t be together [RM / Chris] Because [Jimin] Because we come from different sides
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2021.09.24 19:53 faskothewolf Datsun rock crawler cuz why not?

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2021.09.24 19:53 EmbarrassedCress9582 🚀BnbVerse $VERSE - Bsc token, Launching Now - Low market cap and long term token - CMC and CG soon, Small and Smart project, Join our launch. Don't miss out!

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Contract: 0xd4a015d705928179ace388427e3928973b62a58b
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2021.09.24 19:53 izumiinoue Doesn’t matter if you’re the emperor of Japan. When your mom says you can’t take Karate lessons, you can’t take Karate lessons. 😒

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2021.09.24 19:53 Slage4 Average redditor

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2021.09.24 19:53 Superr_Steve Go vote!

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2021.09.24 19:53 KalebHogelin Cabal incindiors

Im working on the deadeye title not sure where they spawn can anyone help?
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2021.09.24 19:53 Vinny2553 [US-NV] [H] PayPal [W] Modded G303

Looking for a modded 303 preferably with a paracord and new switches but let me know what you have and how much you want
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2021.09.24 19:53 Knario1954 Judas Priest - Painkiller

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2021.09.24 19:53 arcticlunarfox Going to the hospital soon... Keep me company until then?

Hi redditors,
I'm going to the hospital soon because of "bowel stuff" so I'm hoping it'll get sorted and we can get to the bottom of the problem...
In the meantime, wanna keep my company? I have a few questions which could be fun to talk about.
What's your favourite animal, and why?
Mine are both alpacas and chickens. I kind of react like a little girl when I see either. And I want to decorate my kitchen with chicken crockery and decorations. I already have a chicken coop holder for eggs (I'll probably repurpose it for spice) and chicken mugs my ex gave me.
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2021.09.24 19:53 JustinRansom "Jewels" - Prod by Justin Ransom (upbeat soulful hiphop beat) [Free To Use] 🙏
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2021.09.24 19:53 One-Raspberry1877 modi before his heydays

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2021.09.24 19:53 jeffstime Staking Question

How long do you have to wait for your Solana to be available after un staking on moonlet?
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2021.09.24 19:53 Rojomajsterv2 WHAT YOU GONNA DO???- Bastille makes me think of Rand

To be more precise lines: "Make me paranoid Love me, hate me, fill the void What you gonna do with it?" Just sounds like something that Rand could say to some characters in the series without spoilers
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2021.09.24 19:53 MissesAtom4454 Lol

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2021.09.24 19:53 BesottedOrb My critiques/hopes for this game

I played like 10 hours of the preview last week and though I did like the game I do have some critiques which I hope will be fixed before release. I'm comparing AoE4 with AoE2 which I have played for over 1000 hours in my life. I have played AoE3 like 100 hours.
- Some Unit weapons should be made a little bit smaller. The spears seem absolutely massive
- Units should have less but more distinctive player color and more neutral coloured armor
- Some animations are very poor. I think archers look worse than AoE2 DE, the animation in 4 isn't even in sync with the arrows
- Weird ass 'Wanted' arrows which follow enemies and change direction like a hummingbird
- Some buildings seem way smaller than others in terms of height and like perspective
- There is no global production queue
- There is quite a delay in you clicking vs your unit moving (might be server lag though)
- I can not see how many villagers I have in the blink of a eye, I need to use my mouse on my population to see my villagers.
- The garrisoning in this game is extremely bad compared to AoE2, I cannot easily choose where my villagers should exit and press a hotkey, they just go out random a random direction and run.
- Villagers seem insanely fast when the town bell rings, can out run cavalry nearly.
- Infantry speed compared to cavalry speed seems a bit off to me. Infantry seem quite fast.
- Black Forest has insanely weird artificial hallways of forest, pretty much the time. Nothing like the more 'nature' like Black Forest where seem you have more diverse small paths instead of weird maze like hallways.

I am pretty hyped for AoE4, I think the core of the game is very nicely done. What do you guys think about these points above?
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2021.09.24 19:53 Neostrich Trying to understand "Sensitivity"

For context, i currently have a pair of HyperX Cloud 2's which i have been using for gaming and listening to music off my phone when im lay down. Recently got a pair of AKG K702s which don't run well off my phone, so i use the FiiO E10K for those at my desk. The size of the earcups and all the cables lying around between my phone to the K702s (with E10K) on my bed make them unfortunately entirely unusable in bed in any comfortable manner.
SO, the plan was to get some Sony MDR-7506/1's to replace my HyperX's. They're small, portable and can be used right out of a phone apparently, and have the more neutral sound profile that i'm looking for in my headphones now. Then i heard that they're TOO sensitive. I'm quite protective of my ears since i already got some mild tinnitus from listening to music through earbuds at high volumes as a teenager so i'm trying to not blow my ears out, so i guess my main question is would there be any problems using them through a DAC?
I assume it's just like when i run my HyperX's through it, and a 2 on the dial is equivalent of a 4-5 on the AKG's, right? My concern is just whether they're going to be absolutely biting at 1, or something. My other option is just going for some Audio Technica ATH-M50X's which sound like they fit the same bill but are less sensitive. Closed back is also important for this second pair as i don't want feedback in voice calls.
Sorry for the long winded-ass post, i'm completely new to listening to music out of anything that isn't some shit i picked up in a supermarket for 20 quid that now i'm buying stuff for a hundred or so i'm probably overthinking it massively. Thoughts?
To maybe save you a google search here's the listed sensitivities i could find
AKG K702 - 91.63db / 62Ohms
HyperX Cloud II - 98db / 60Ohms
Audio Technica ATH-M50X - 99db / 38Ohms
Sony MDR-7506/1 - 106db / 63Ohms
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2021.09.24 19:53 KingWask Goddess In Purple Pt. 1

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2021.09.24 19:53 ricochet511 I am fucking dying right now.

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2021.09.24 19:53 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: Remember: Maxine Waters called this “worse than slavery”

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2021.09.24 19:53 ja_dre_ Me last year. Am I hot? M29.

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2021.09.24 19:53 leglump Can Someone Grade my Sheet Music notes? Self taught new to music and piano.

Can Someone Grade my Sheet Music notes? Self taught new to music and piano.
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