When do you think another intelligent species will rule the earth?

2021.09.24 20:42 Lumpy-Tadpole8980 When do you think another intelligent species will rule the earth?

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2021.09.24 20:42 SampleSwimming8576 🎵meeeeeeen🎵

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2021.09.24 20:42 Moquitaz What did I buy today? Lost the receipt

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2021.09.24 20:42 SmoothJazzRayner Supergirl vs She-Hulk.

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2021.09.24 20:42 Imaginary-Pay-8397 🚨 $MAKA Finance Launching NOW | Earn passive rewards BUSD | Auto invest your rewards for compounded rewards | US Based Team | Liquidity Locked

🔎 MAKA is a community-driven evolution of yield-generating contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Just by holding MAKA Tokens you automatically generate passive income which can be paid out in your choice of BUSD
You also have the ability to automatically reinvest your passive rewards in order to compound your earnings. Rewards distributions occur every 24 hours.
💥 The MAKA token has three functions that occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and a Buyback. The token contract employs a static rewards system utilizing 10% of every transaction.
👉🏼7% redistributed to holders
👉🏼 2% is used to fuel the liquidity pool exchange growth
👉🏼 2% extra sell fee is used to give more stability to the token over swing traders
👉🏼 The contract will periodically buy back and burn MAKA tokens
🐳 The transaction limit has been set at 1% of total supply. This discourages holders with a large number of tokens from having a substantial impact on the price.
Contract: 0xed1a2bef0578e8acf7c80ee0ecb0332ca61b88a4
BUY NOW : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xed1a2bef0578e8acf7c80ee0ecb0332ca61b88a4
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xed1a2bef0578e8acf7c80ee0ecb0332ca61b88a4#readContract
LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xF9DA79eB0A160A51e5a3c154E5E42551bB842A71
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2021.09.24 20:42 wumbo77 That's not a '73

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2021.09.24 20:42 waynearchetype Not sure what the solution I need is, but it appears I may need to combine 3 separate MSSQL databases.

Running a little low on steam here and I'm not sure what the best path forward is. I've got 3 different databases that have data I want to combine to allow some analytics to be done in a Metabase installation. Metabase can't really combine different DBs in its analytics (Maybe there is a different option?), so I have to combine the databases somehow (which is fine, they're relatively small, hoping to sync them nightly).
I'm admittedly rather amateurish when it comes to DBs. First I took a look at tools to sync them into a single DB, which most folks seem to recommend SymmetricDS. SymmetricDS isn't exactly user friendly, and most tutorials I've come across are for the Pro version which is paid (hoping for open source). If that is the proper path then I don't mind continuing to try to hammer away at it, but I'm not sure it is. Is there an easier solution available for this? I'm starting to stumble upon a lot of concepts like Data warehouses and such and I feel like I'm a getting more lost at this point.
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2021.09.24 20:42 No_Mud5693 i wanna cum i'm hard i need feet pics and videos who can send me her mom or sister ? my ki k theking000999

i'm hard i need feet pics and videos who can send me her mom or sister ? my ki k theking000999
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2021.09.24 20:42 Party-Special-9100 Woman Spits On a Cop and Receives Immediate Consequences

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2021.09.24 20:42 braker7979 What happened when Obama died?

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2021.09.24 20:42 Tsutsuuu Funny number goes brrr

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2021.09.24 20:42 maksbaum Withdrawing atom from osmosis to binance via keplr?

`Hi guys, can you help me out on how to properly send some atom to binance via keplr?
I want to withdraw some osmosis i got from LP, but cant figure out how to do it.
So I swaped osmosis to atom at Osmosis app, but in my keplr extension i cant see the atom. Maybe it takes some time to show at the wallet? It does show at osmosis app, but not in keplr..
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2021.09.24 20:42 oanarthur say it to me…

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2021.09.24 20:42 aoib Can some 90s kids help me out?

Hi everyone, I'm a student currently working on a story about kids (around 8-12) in the mid 90s growing up in rural NI. Hoping some people on here may be willing to share some stories about their experiences to help make it more authentic. Also if anyone has any photos of their outfits, I would love to see them! (The kids are going to be from a catholic background in the story but I would still love to hear from all backgrounds)
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2021.09.24 20:42 Gullible_Fox4295 Social Media Growth

Hey, I just found out this website that helps you with social media growth(Instagram followers, youtube likes and all) and I have 20 coupons of $5 to test this out for free.
No strings attached,you can sign up and get your $5 to test out whatever you want.
Just comment if you are interested.
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2021.09.24 20:42 serg2o3 Paradoks zasad

Polska : zakaz mowy nienawiści
Komentujący pod postami o polityce : o ty ku...
Zasady są po to aby je łamać
Nie wykluczam siebie
A tak btw da się kogoś wywalić z Polska Jest zapewnie dużo użytkowników chcących mnie wywalić
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2021.09.24 20:42 captshaw Flip phone redux

So I also got the email that my flip phone was soon to become obsolete on Ting. I see another recent post that points to one possible replacement, but can anyone suggest any others? Given the coy reference in the email that "we have a great new network standing by that offers 5G* and is one of America’s most popular networks", what phones also would work with AT&T? T-Mobile feels like one of those "fool me once" kind of situations!
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2021.09.24 20:42 DeathRaptor007 From a mobile game that caught my attention

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2021.09.24 20:42 NewsElfForEnterprise Hyundai Tucson and Sonata Hybrid recall to result in new engines for owners

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2021.09.24 20:42 fuziz I really don’t know if I should go lighter or dye my hair black.

My skin tone is medium-light but more medium in the summer and I just don’t know because I feel like it’s hard to come back from black. My natural hair color is the darkest shade of brown but still looks very different from black.
I dyed my the front 2 strips of my hair a while ago, you know the trend was going on, to a light chocolate brown color but it grew out and I thought my hair was naturally black so I dyed the front strips to black. Turns out black is very different from my natural hair color and I kinda loved it. Then I dyed my whole hair chocolate brown and loved how it made me look softer whereas black makes me look more harsh if that makes sense ?
I’ve been indecisive for months and I really don’t know what color to go with. Help please.
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2021.09.24 20:42 LittleRedMisfit Antique decor items in dark brown and black

Antique decor items in dark brown and black I already have the phone in dark brown and black, the clock in black, the bed in black, the vanity in black, and the the little round table with cloth on it in black already. Everything else I need, would really appreciate it.
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2021.09.24 20:42 Wild-Guidance-5760 Join quick

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2021.09.24 20:42 JotaroTheOceanMan Finished my blind and SG runs, felt like a [BIGSHOT] so made myself a mask!

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2021.09.24 20:42 Only_PacksVIP Nicks Vieira

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2021.09.24 20:42 smloader Livid Farm Complete Without Ever Setting Foot in Livid Farm

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