DC honors One Piece! (Saw this on Ig and had to share)

2021.09.24 19:47 G8_recruit DC honors One Piece! (Saw this on Ig and had to share)

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2021.09.24 19:47 Love-Bug4560 [21/F] Does Anyone Want To Help Me With Completing/Writing A Book Or 2, or more?

I've got short stories, poems, motivational messages and so much more. I've started writing books. But the thing is, I get new ideas for a new book, and current ones are left unfinished and that's becoming an issue for me because it's not as easy as making a book full of short stories.
I have a list of books that require some assistance with, or I'll never be able to finish what I started:

There are a lot more books to make and I need every creative writer available to pitch in and help out. I write romance, comedy, and poetry. But please, talk to me in dm and we'll talk more about it there.
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2021.09.24 19:47 Commentariat1 The Bataclan trial is forcing France to confront some difficult questions | The Spectator

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Please help IATSE film workers fight for better working conditions and livelihoods! Sign the petition and share it around!
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Wilcox JP Jpoint mount $500-600 ball park depending on the condition and what you’ve got PP G&S
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2021.09.24 19:47 jtkeedo SPECULATION/THEORY of where BL may be

I believe that he’s living in the storage unit.
I dont know why but I haven’t heard anything of law enforcement requesting a warrant to search it yet.
Like I think when they were “clearing out the storage unit” instead, they were stocking up on food and whatever else he would need to survive in there.
I dont know just speculation, I obviously could be far from right but it’s worth mentioning lol
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2021.09.24 19:47 ArthurLife2 Really struggling to get petrol tonight. It's Friday night, it's going dark, and I can't be arsed moving off the sofa.

The queues on the telly look fun though.
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2021.09.24 19:47 RicFlairGoWoooo There should be an avoid player option. For 2v2 teammates.

Should be able to avoiding matching up with griefers and annoying players that get placed on your team. Like ok ill take the L and the frustration once, but let me avoid him after the match so I don't have to go through it again.
I got the same guy on my team twice who just spammed emotes and didn't play a single card.he caused me to go back to gm 1, It's annoying.
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2021.09.24 19:47 RealBossoskin Post your Top 10 Fav Games list below, i would love to see everyone's favorite games! This is my Top 10:

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2021.09.24 19:47 canhasldap Lets talk about privilege Escalation and Exploitation caused by poorly written software. AKA Uncommented services.

So I was doing some light reading and practical exercises in security the other day and the opportunity came up irl to use it.
I was on a client's system and they had some OLD Chat software. I asked if I could take a look at that since it was new to me and they obliged my curiosity. I was looking for a server address and there was none. This old chat software was BROADCASTING the message to all devices and only the intended device recorded and notified the user. I suggested strongly they stop using it and showed them Teams which they already have but are not using.
The software has not been in maintenance since 2013 and I wanted to see if there were any know vulnerabilities for it. There was one found but it was for a much later version but I decided to check for it. I launched a remote shell and ran the check and low and behold the check found TWO different programs on the same device with the same vulnerability. This type vulnerability is called an Uncommented Service.
Any of you who have done any scripting know what happens if you need to run a command that specifies a path that has a space(s) in it. For those that have moved up and need a reminder - If you run something like c:\program files\notepad++\notepad++.exe you should see 'c:\program' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." to get it to work you have to wrap it in quotes "c:\program files\notepad++\notepad++.exe" that will tell the system that it is one contiguous command.
If you have services that are not wrapping their executable in quotes in the registry, that can be exploited. Just like my example above every time that service starts it trying to execute a program (usually as SYSTEM) at multiple points. This means that if someone can manage to get a exe to any place that a space occurs in the path of that service it will be executed.
so if the path is c:\program files (x86)\My Program\bin\program.exe
The below examples will all be executed before it gets to the intended executable.
c:\program files.exe
c:\ c:\program files (x86)\My.exe
an attacker sneaks in a payload and crashes the service and boom
NOW this is not 100% terrible unless you have a really bad program or security practices.
non-privileged user should not have write access to the root of the c drive or the root of either program files/data.
You can read on on this more here
You can check your own stuff
Run this from CMD

wmic service get name, displayname, pathname, startmode | findstr /i "Auto" | findstr /i /v "C:\Windows\\" |findstr /i /v """ 
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2021.09.24 19:47 toxicllamaa Had a close friend pass away in high school. Got lyrics from Funeral tattooed on my ribs in Phoebes Handwriting to honor her.

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If you have discord even better. From the great white North. Let’s chat
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2021.09.24 19:47 ReadsLikeBadFiction {Angel of the Red Sun} - Chapter 13: A Waltz in Tragic Roses

~2056 Anno Domini~
As the door closed behind them, Marisa found herself in an ornate hallway. The door in question blended seamlessly into the wall behind her, a perfect escape route from the throne room should the need ever arise.
“So then,” her guide said with an adjustment of his glasses. “Your room is right down this hall a ways. Would you like to call it a night, or is there anywhere of interest in the colony you might like to see?”
“Well, I'm pretty curious about the colony. So long as nobody else tries to shoot me I'd love to see some more. Though a bath would be appreciated as well.”
“A bath then? very well.” The guide clicked his tongue. “Follow me, I will show you to your room.”
The two made their way down the hall to the very end, rounding a corner and stopping by a door emblazoned with a golden sigil of a three-legged bird.
“This is the Samjok-o room. A very nice room reserved for special guests. I hope you will find it to your liking.”
The guide bowed with the utmost courtesy, and Marisa caught the briefest crinkling of his nose. When his posture returned erect, he said, “If you would like, I can arrange for our laundress to bring you fresh clothes and take care of your suit for you.”
Marisa smirked, and decided to take the guide up on his offer.
Inside the room, Marisa found herself awash in golds and reds. Effigies of tripodal birds adorned the walls and shelves, and the lights consisted of softly glowing orbs that varied from deep oranges, to pleasant yellows. The room had a bathtub built into the wall, and when she turned on the water, a stone bird's head opened its beak to dispense the flow.
After a time, the tub had filled and she slipped out of her regalia and into the steaming waters. She had nearly fallen asleep in the tub when a knock came on her door.
“Laundry! It'll be left outside your door, ma'am.”
“Thank you!” She called back, and finished her bathing.
The castle was kind enough to supply the rooms with soft robes, and after drying herself off she slipped on the black fabric, cracked open her door, and swiftly retrieved the bag of clothing from outside.
Within the bag she found a pair of baggy black capri pants, a plain red shirt, and a thin black overshirt adorned with brass buttons. There was also a pair of black sneakers and socks to match. At the bottom of the bag was a note instructing her to leave her clothes in need of washing within the bag and to place it outside her door.
After a time, she managed to fit her regalia into the bag, and herself into the provided clothes. They fit, she realized, surprisingly well. She spent a couple of minutes checking herself out in the mirror, buttoning and unbuttoning the overshirt, before settling on the latter. At length, she left the room, and placed the bag with her regalia just outside.
“I see you've finished,” the guide said. He was sitting in a chair a stone's throw from the door, taking Marisa off-guard. “I was worried I might have gotten your measurements wrong.”
“Well the clothes fit great, so thanks. I'm surprised you could eyeball it that well.”
The guide shrugged. “I like to think myself a fashionable kind of guy. It's a hobby.” He retrieved a tablet from his jacket, straightened his spine. “Now then, where would you like me to take you? In the main dome we've all manner of restaurants and cafes, the side domes is where all the manufacturing is—though I'm sure you've seen enough of those to get the gist. The north dome is where we have our terraforming complex, and I have been issued clearance to show you around there, though there's not much to see. The southern domes have some interesting sights. We have pastures and farms to the southeast, and to the southwest is our vertical farms and botanical garden. I suppose in the main dome there's also—”
“Sorry,” Marisa interrupted. “Did you say a botanical garden?”
The guide nodded, apprehensive.
“What does that entail?”
“It's an enclosed space, separate from the rest of the garden dome. You can walk through and admire the collection of flowers and other plants brought here from Earth.”
“Can we go see that?”
The guide deflated. “Yes, yes we can.”
The walk to the garden was long, but pleasant. Dusk had taken sway overhead, but the colony was still abuzz with people making their ways between shops. Nobody seemed bothered by the news of Earth, instead they meandered about without a care in the world, just like people did on the imported films and shows Marisa watched as a kid. In Dujib she felt closer to Earth-based living than ever before.
Her guide brought her through a number of side-streets that contained boutiques and clothing stores with their wares on display out front. People admired the clothes in small groups, chatting among themselves and laughing. Some had food in their hands, and powerful aromas filled the occlusive street. But the sights remained only briefly before she was whisked down a tighter alley, where side-entrances into businesses dotted the walls with locked doors. The smell there was dirty, and she noticed plastic bins full of trash waiting for pickup down the length of it all.
It wasn't long before they were out of the alley and at the edge of the dome. The guide apologized for the shortcut, citing the efficiency of lesser used routes.
They made their way through one of the connecting tubes, complete with automatic sidewalks, and found themselves in the southwestern dome. There, the houses were built small and far apart, and colossal structures raised themselves to the ceiling like towers of babel, adorned with automated lifts to traverse the floors. Each tower had a multitude of floors to them, each with a different crop producing luscious harvests year round.
The two made their way down the main road, passing by numerous structures for every house, and the guide explained that the houses held farmhands, and that the homes themselves belonged to the government, where the workers could sleep at night during their contract. Most worked a set amount of time on, followed by an equal amount of time off, but there were those who enjoyed the labor, and made a sizable fortune by shirking an apartment in the main dome and choosing to live in the barracks for a decade or so, inevitably retiring early.
Eventually, they made their way to the southernmost edge of the dome, where a second, smaller dome was built into the wall. Marisa could barely see through the smaller dome, her view obstructed by the foliage inside, and masked further in glare by the sun's flight past the horizon.
“Alright, we're here,” the guide said. “Hey, I don't suppose you're fine with me staying out here, are you?”
Marisa looked at him, confused. “Is there something inside there that I should know of?”
“Oh no no, it's just my allergies are bad enough out here with the farms. The botanical gardens tends to be a tour of suffering for me.”
Marisa shrugged and assured him she didn't mind. But as she went to enter, she was stopped.
“One more thing,” the guide said. “The woman who runs the garden can be a little... eclectic. She's real nice, don't worry, just can catch you off guard a bit when you first meet her. Her sister too. Again, a bit strange, but not mean. Real nice ladies. Hell of a pair of gardeners. Anyway, enjoy your visit, I'll be waiting out here.”
Marisa thanked the guide and headed through the doors where a humid wall of warmth struck her. The inside of the building was dark, lit only by dim orbs placed high atop metal poles that hid themselves within the brush. The orbs near the entrance were a soft green—nearly white—but she saw as she looked down the pathways to her left and right that they changed gradually to blues and purples, and cast the dense vegetation in harmonious auras that made them feel like distinct fiefs in a fairy kingdom. There was no sound, and no smells distinct in the muddling. Above the canopy and through the dome she could spy the night sky becoming alive with stars.
Suddenly, a rustle caught her attention. It came from the inner wall of vegetation before the path split in two on either side. She stood for a moment, eying the source of the noise.
“Not too often we get folk here this late.”
Marisa whirled, nearly jumping, as the voice came from her side. She was certain there had been nobody there before, but now a man roughly her age stood with a broom and dustpan. A robe flowed from his shoulders down to a pair of old sandals on his feet, and a stocking cap covered most of his winding hair. His eyes shone like emeralds, glowing radiant, though more than likely augmented by the light.
He smiled slightly, leaned forward on the handle of his broom. “I was 'bout to close, truth be told. Haven't had much foot traffic, and I thought to get a jump on the cleaning.” His expression softened, and for a moment he snatched the visage of a tired old man.
Marisa began to stammer out an apology, but was stopped by a raise of his hand.
“It's alright,” he hummed. “You've the face of one who's in dire need of a friend.” He hooked a thumb over his shoulder. “The owners are that way, and are always willin' to help those in need of guidance.”
“Oh, it's fine,” Marisa said. “I just came to look at the plants is all.”
“Your eyes betray your words.” As he spoke, he raised an arm, and from the brush where Marisa first heard a rustling burst forth a raven. It landed on the groundskeeper's wrist and pivoted towards him. “Let the owners know they've a guest,” he whispered to the bird. “I've a mind they might take an interest in her.”
Without warning, the raven stretched its wings and took off high above and into the canopy.
The groundskeeper turned his eyes back down to Marisa, offered her a kind smile, and picked up his work with a whistle on his lips.
The interaction had left Marisa uncertain of whether she wanted to continue the stroll, but the lights and flowers enticed her, and soon she found herself in patch of light blue, where there grew poppies and flax and cornflowers and hydrangeas. Massive growths of sage sprung up in between, and great blue pines filled the remaining spaces. Further down, the light grew purple, and along the path then grew lilacs and rhododendrons, spare cattails, and colossal bushes of lavender. The flowers all changed again as she neared the far end of the botanical loop, and the lights darkened to a shadowy indigo, and then changed further at the onset of a portentous red span of growth that filled itself with roses and snapdragons, dahlias, and long branches of maple trees that came from trunks buried deep in the growth.
Marisa had stopped to admire the red flowers when a woman sounded from behind.
“There you are!”
Marisa turned, guard raised once more, and was met by the face of a jovial, heavy-set woman. Even in the red light her skin appeared like terracotta, without blemish or flaw. Her head was shaven and her ears gauged longer than anything Marisa had seen, and the woman's smile nearly split her face in two.
As Marisa's eyes lowered from the woman's face, she noticed that in lieu of clothes, the woman opted instead to wear wrappings of leaves and vines from her shoulders to her knees. Flowers wove around her wrists and ankles like jewelry, and when she spoke her breath came as strong as honeysuckle.
“I was worried our groundskeeper had scared you away. Danny's a good boy, and he was right that you look in need of help. Come, child.” The woman beckoned as she slipped backwards, into the embrace of the vegetation.
Marisa watched her disappear, contemplated running back to the entrance, leaving the bizarre garden and her inhabitants behind in her mind like a vivid dream. But her legs moved forward, and her curiosity spurned her hands to part the growth and bring herself through a dark tunnel and into a bright clearing within the center of the dome. The walls of vegetation still lurched high above, but now the colored lights of the main path were obstructed, and a soft natural colored light illuminated the area.
As Marisa exited the tunnel the woman was standing to her side. “What is your name, child?”
And Marisa told her.
“And for what purpose do you bear such a troubled look?”
And again Marisa told her. She told her everything, from the fate of the Earth, to the morrow's execution. She laid her heart bare, without so little trouble as a nagging in the back of her mind. She wasn't sure why it was that she could speak so freely with a woman as strange as the one she found, and yet the words came anyway.
“Well come then, child. Sit with us and let us help ease your woes.”
“Us?” Marisa asked, letting the woman take her by the hand and guide her.
“My sister, Masz. Forgive me, I haven't told you my name. Please, you may call me Cao.”
Cao brought Marisa further into the clearing where mats were strewn around on the grassy floor, and chairs arranged themselves around a table. In the back to the right, a pit in the ground was filled with water and rimmed with rocks and made itself to be a bath, of which was currently occupied by the woman Cao introduced as her sister.
“Come Masz, let us entertain our company, the time for bathing is later.”
Masz hummed gently, and Marisa was taken aback by her beauty. Her skin was like polished basalt, and from her scalp erupted thick strands of ebon hair, woven together into heavy braids held in place by bronze beads that matched the jewelry about her neck and wrists.
When she opened her eyes they shone blindingly white, and Marisa wondered if she wore opalescent contact lenses, like she had seen on advertisements from Earth.
Marisa couldn't help but marvel at her flawless beauty.
Masz stood, exited the water. And as she did so, Marisa realized the woman to be naked, which in turn made her blush and avert her gaze.
When Masz spoke her voice came stern, and her lips curved into a welcoming smile. Marisa felt comfort in her words, a sort of protection she had been lacking since leaving home.
“You are the girl my pet told us about? Then you have troubles weighing down your shoulders, yes?”
Cao explained to her the abridged version of what Marisa had said, and Masz nodded and hummed at every appropriate interval.
“So then girl, you are unsure of this execution? You have been told of the man's crimes, yes?”
Cao pulled up a trio of mats for the women to sit down on.
As she sat, Marisa answered. “I started this mission with the assumption that I would be saving people, not condemning them to death. I've never killed or even hurt anyone like that before. It's not even my place to do so, I just arrived here. I don't see why the king can't do it himself.”
“The king is a good man,” Masz said.
Cao shrugged. “A pity all the crimes that have befallen such a nice young man.”
“Do you think him to do this without reason, girl?”
Marisa blinked. “Yes?”
“The people are scared, and have long since discarded the convenience of mere words.” Masz stretched out her arm, and the raven from earlier came abruptly to perch. “You are a stranger to this land, and a politician besides. You are a profession reliant on words, who wishes to speak to a deaf people. Perhaps it was still on Earth that words might reach the people's ears, but not so much here. This colony was built on the excision of such hollow words, and the butchering of their speakers.”
“You said you were the daughter of King, child?” Cao asked. “Then do you not think our King Lee sees the potential in you? The lifeblood of he who rent these people from their peasantry and sailed them to freedom on a scarlet tide? This is a test of you, child. A test from both the king and the people. In your journeying this far they've seen your hand of kindness, but now they wish to see your hand of judgment. In their eyes, should you be lacking either, what leader is that to make of you?”
Marisa winced. “I never said anything about wanting to lead. I'm just trying to bring everyone back together.”
Masz turned to her sister. “The girl fails to see even her own actions. No wonder the fates have deemed her fit for this test.”
Cao hung her head, shook it slow.
“Listen, girl,” Masz said, shaking off the raven towards Marisa. “Would you like a telling of your future?”
The raven circled overhead.
“Sure,” she said, eying the bird.
“Then hold out your arm, and let her perch.”
Marisa did as she was told, and soon the raven found itself atop her wrist. The bird was much heavier than she anticipated, but the weight was discarded in her mind as soon as she gazed into the deep pools of blue that fixed themselves in the raven's skull. “Your bird is beautiful,” she said, and as she did so felt warmth leak from her nostril. She brought her fingers to touch, and upon withdrawing saw blood pooled along the tips.
“Her name is Badb,” Masz said. “Let her first taste of your blood, that she might know your fate.”
Fixated, Marisa extended her bloody fingertips toward the bird, held them there as it drank.
Badb stood there for a moment, presumably tasting the blood, before crying out and flapping her wings, taking off into the brush.
Minutes later she returned, a bundle of flowers in her beak. The flowers deposited themselves in Masz's waiting hand, and Badb returned to Marisa, perching on her shoulder and making a soft clicking sound in her ear.
“She likes you,” Cao said. “That's far more than most people can say.”
“Here we are,” Masz said, holding out the flowers delivered to her. “A scarlet rose and a dark-red dahlia, helixed together and facing opposite directions, one pierced by the thorn of the other.” A smile broke across her face. “There is to be both love and betrayal, and its union will take place on the blade's edge. It is an ill omen, but only should you take it as such. There is promise to such a fate, should you will it. This is what Badb has predicted.”
Marisa glanced at Badb, looked back at the women. “So what the hell does that mean?”
The two giggled to themselves.
“It means you should return to the castle and rest, child. Sleep well, and learn to take hold of the reigns given to you, lest your life get swept up in the winds among the wastes.”
Marisa stared at Cao for a minute, trying her best to decipher her words before giving up, thanking the women for their time, and leaving.
Badb was still on her shoulder when she made it through the tunnel of brush and back out onto the path. When she rounded the corner, a familiar whistle perked her ears, and she saw the groundskeeper enjoying the smell of some mint leaves a little ways beyond. When she neared, his attention was snagged, and his eyes moved immediately to the bird.
“She must be very infatuated with you to be perched like that. Come on, Badb, let's leave her alone now.”
Badb rushed off Marisa's shoulder, moving instead to his, where it watched her every move.
“I hope your visit with the women was a good one. I can see your face has lost a bit of its worry. Take care out there, this world is a troubled place.” And with that he waved her off, and whistled down the path to another area deserving of his work.
Eventually, Marisa made her way back outside to where her guide waited. He was staring off into the lights of the vertical gardens that illuminated the dome like a sea of skyscrapers, and barely noticed her approach. When he turned toward her, Marisa saw bags forming under his eyes and became suddenly aware of the time.
“How was your time in the gardens?” he asked.
Marisa decided it was best to leave out the details, and talked instead of the myriad flowers that took her attention.
The two spent their forty minute walk back to the castle chatting away, talking of flowers and gardens and architecture and history. Marisa learned many things of Dujib, but what she learned most of all, was that at its core, its people were the same as those she had seen since LaCei.
Presently, they returned to the castle, and Marisa found herself in front of her room. The guide bowed, bid her good night, and left to another part of the castle.
Inside, her bed waited for her expectantly, and it was not long after spreading across its soft embrace, that sleep took her in full.
There stretched around her nothing but scarlet, held taught over a land without end. Above her the stars twinkled in a disc—a window centralized above a sky of eternal white. The Angel of the Red Sun was gone, and she wandered aimlessly about for a minute of eternity.
A figure stood beside her then, cloaked in leathery skin, blackened and peeling without feature. Marisa turned to the figure, and in her acknowledgment curdled the being, and in its twisting desiccation did it raise its arms and cry to the stars:
“Ayallah Mohaia Nadaght!”
The words drummed foreign in her ears, their meanings lost to time. But soon another stood, taking shape behind her. Another appeared, followed by more, and soon she found herself surrounded, caught in the grasp of their ardor and raised above the crowd.
She yielded to their exaltation, felt her naked skin harden and crack at their touch, blackening and peeling to reveal a golden void.
They held her aloft, face turned to the stars, and she watched as the heavens parted, as the starry black lurched forward and enveloped her, and she floated there among the abyss. Soon there came a warmth on her back, and so she turned, recoiled, and wept. For in front of her sat a red sun in it's cosmic, humbling enormity, growling and hissing through tongues of flame. No power she held could deny it, and so she stood with arms outstretched as it towered over her, and spoke in a solitary command that slipped beneath her mortal coil:
Marisa woke with a start. Her breath ran ragged, struggling to even out as her eyes sharpened away the blur of sleep. She was still in the guestroom where she was—for the moment—safe. Surrounding her were the same gold effigies of three legged birds as before. A clock on the bedside table read the time as thirty minutes to noon. She hadn't much time before she was to meet with the king outside the castle. In that time she managed to pull her tired muscles out of the bed—a seemingly herculean feat at the time—shower off, and get dressed in the clothes from the night before. When she opened the door to the rest of the castle she found a collapsible table waiting for her just outside. There was a small breakfast on it consisting of rice and kimchi and pieces of cold pork under a glass lid. Hanging on the side of the table was her regalia and leotard, cleaned and conditioned for her by the castle staff over the night. She brought the table in, scarfing down the food before she had time to even enjoy it, and replacing the casual outfit with her normal clothes.
By the time she was ready to leave she had only a few minutes to get to the front of the castle. She gauged the time and proceeded at a leisurely pace, stepping out the front door just in time for King Lee to introduce her in front of a massive crowd of people. Any grogginess she still felt from waking up was instantly whipped away in the presence of the citizens. None looked on her kindly, the best of gazes summing up to nothing more than abject curiosity. She felt more like an exhibit than a person up on the castle stoop, until she turned and saw a well constructed gallows just off to the side.
“Good people of Dujib,” The King proclaimed with sonorous tenor. “I introduce you now the progeny of hope. One who has not come to swindle and divide us, but to bring us together with the other colonies, that we may help them recover in this time of woe. I present you, Marisa Lacerta, daughter of King!”
Marisa looked back over to the gallows as the crowd began to murmur, only to make out a man being brought toward the noose. He was disheveled, with a familiar build and face, though too far away to make out.
“I know that we ourselves are in a time of caution. The outside world has only showed us violence since the news of Earth spread. But I come to assure you that this woman is the true blood and spirit of our liberator.”
The crowd became frenzied, talking over one another with expectant words in a language Marisa could not understand.
King Lee let the words sink in to his people before continuing. “It is a pity to say that we were never able to deduce the identity of this man tried for treason. Against all forms of interrogation he has kept to his story. And so it is such that I have brought Her Highness in front of you all to lay to rest once and for all this man's relation to her bloodline.”
Frozen in place, Marisa looked out over the crowd, then back to the king, then to the man on the gallows and wondered why he would attempt to take her identity of all people for the sake of assassination. Her brain tried calculating it, but fizzled out at remembrances of warm beds and meaty breakfasts.
King Lee took the microphone from the lectern where he spoke, and guided Marisa over to the gallows with him.
“So, Your Highness,” he boomed, his voice growing in fire with each step taken towards the criminal. “Is this man truly of your family name?
Marisa walked up beside the king and stood in front of the man, a microphone held up under her chin. The criminal's head was hanging, staring down at his feet until a guard came by and jerked his head upward to look at her.
Bruised and disheveled as it was, the smarmy visage of Tystoll's head of the guard was all too recognizable to her.
Hakan grinned through missing and bloody teeth, a sick glint in the one eye that wasn't swollen. “Hey there, princess.”
A primal look of disgust soured Marisa's face as she towered over him looking down at the broken body of a pathetic man.
Hakan chuckled through pained lungs, then spat at her feet.
Without missing a beat, Marisa struck him across the face with the back of her gauntleted hand.
A spit of blood stained the wood underneath.
King Lee turned toward the silent crowd. “Well, it appears our two Lacerta's do know eachother. Please Your Highness, could you tell the people of Dujib who this man is?”
Without taking her eyes off Hakan, Marisa spoke into the microphone. “This is the head of Tyrstoll's guard. A glorified cop. He works directly for The Board of the Marinari Corporation.”
A buzz streaked through the crowd. Errant calls for hanging and worse rung in Marisa's ears.
“Why?” She asked. “Why did you come here, why did you do this?”
“Oh, princess, don't be like that.” For once, Hakan didn't wear his greasy smile. He was straight-faced, almost disappointed. “So long as the domes exist, and the outside spells death, we will do anything for comfort, and succumb to our two most base desires: greed, and vengeance. Look there at His Majesty, even he can't fight it. So don't talk to me about motives. Out here, there's only the two.”
One of the guards came by with a black sack and a brush with some red paint. As the sack was slipped over Hakan's head, he spoke in muffled tones, “I lost, princess, pure and simple. Let me go out now with the grace and dignity afforded to a man who still has secrets left to bleed.”
As Hakan finished speaking, King Lee painted the letters of his royal name on the fabric. Satisfied with his work, he turned to Marisa.
“Your Highness,” he glowered. “I ask that you pull the lever and condemn this man to death.”
Marisa's attention—which had been focused on Hakan up to that point—shot to the king. If the people of Dujib wanted to kill people for breaking their laws, that was one thing. But she was a guest to them. She was a child in the eyes of their king, so why would he expect her capable of passing such judgment?
Thoughts reeled in her mind. Mere seconds felt like minutes standing atop those gallows in the piercing glare of the crowd. She wasn't sure what to do, and her hesitation spoke itself clearly to the king.
King Lee put a hand to his heart, furtively turning off the microphone clipped to his tie along with the one still in his hand. In a soothing tone he whispered: “Princess, you must do this. The people still hold doubt in you. Because of this man, their perception of the outside world has been clouded by fear.”
It was just as the women in the garden has said.
“But why?” Marisa whispered back, choking on her words. “You told them I'm not a threat. Why? Why must I be the one to do this?”
“Truth or lie, the word is a seeping poison. It takes time to turn a man's convictions, like a river in the canyon. But actions? Actions can make a man think or believe or do anything in the moment. At the pinnacle of passion, words merely prime the gates of action's waters.”
Marisa stammered incomprehensibly. It was unfair, she thought, that now of all times did the king choose to wax poetic. She could feel the sight of thousands of men and women on her back. No matter what, she had to do something, even if it pulled and strained the fiber of her morality.
With uneasy steps, Marisa made her way to the executioner's lever. Both her hands rested on the smooth, spherical knob, and in an instant their trembling ceased. She thought of all she had come through; the weight of her mission and what it meant for the people of Mars should she not succeed. She thought of Hakan, of him stealing her identity, stealing her name and mission, fooling Dujib, and attempting to plummet them all into chaos for the sake of The Board. He was a tool to make money for them, and he played his part with pride. To Hakan, Earth going dark was a game, and now he stood, having lost.
Uncertainty no longer vexed her. Instead, she filled complete with a resentment for the world, a sadness at the circumstances, a fear of the future, and a longing for the past. Nothing felt then as it ever had before. She felt aloft in ignorance, delving into the depths of her savage nature to find answers to questions she couldn't pose. What she was about to do didn't seem right, but it felt necessary.
Marisa cursed, and threw the lever.
There came a snap, and the gaps between her emotions grew fat, gorged on the cheers of an enthusiastic crowd.
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