62d6d ssk9a 7bsst zza33 yhhbr fdds5 7irad tsz6s z4tdf b35br t2253 da6fs zd4ad 7yytr beeyh n29f3 r4ndt bfy8r att5y z3eff yhk46 🚀BnbVerse $VERSE - Bsc token, Launching Now - Low market cap and long term token - CMC and CG soon, Small and Smart project, Join our launch. Don't miss out! |

🚀BnbVerse $VERSE - Bsc token, Launching Now - Low market cap and long term token - CMC and CG soon, Small and Smart project, Join our launch. Don't miss out!

2021.09.24 19:47 EmbarrassedCress9582 🚀BnbVerse $VERSE - Bsc token, Launching Now - Low market cap and long term token - CMC and CG soon, Small and Smart project, Join our launch. Don't miss out!

BNBVERSE $VERSE is your community driven token on Binance Smart Chain network.
Our token will distribute 8% of dividends in BNB to all its holders and will also support BNBVerse by buying and burning the purchase transaction.
🍀 BNBVerse $VERSE description
Community Based project
BNBVerse is fully decentralised, there is no main owner of the token. All decisions are made in favor of the community.
The BNBVerse smart contract applies a 10% fee on all transactions (buys/sells). Out of this, 1% is automatically liquidty pool.
🔐Security Token
Initial liquidity is locked for 1 year.
=> https://deeplock.io/lock/0x711bebeef1918c9f58074ae10dd64a5a88b6cd30
🔥 NFT Market place coming soon
🔥 Partnering with professionals from all sectors.
🔥 Daily AMAs and Community Games with Giveaways.
🔥 1K Telegram members and growing
🔥 CMC and CG soon.
🔥 Get rewarded in $BNB rewards for holding $Verse tokens.
🎁Why $Verse Token?
$Verse token is completely unique. This is the first token of its kind. There can be only one true $Verse
$Verse is safe & passes all NoRug requirements, including locked liquidity, locked equity & more!
$Verse rewards people for holding and takes tax for selling.
$Verse understands the importance of partnerships and has access to a large bmarketing budget.
TOTAL SUPPLY 1,000,000,000 $VERSE
Every buy/sells 10%
1% Liquidity Pool
1% Marketing
8% BNB Reward
Contract: 0xd4a015d705928179ace388427e3928973b62a58b
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xd4a015d705928179ace388427e3928973b62a58b
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xd4a015d705928179ace388427e3928973b62a58b#readContract
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2021.09.24 19:47 Anthropocene-rabbit Cheers! to the end of earth

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2021.09.24 19:47 PsychoMetalOfficial H: VE90 Minigun/VE90 .50 Cal W: Legacy Weapon Bundles

I Have 2 of the Best weapons in the game with these you are basically invincible
Vampires Explosive 90 Reduced weight Minigun
Vampires Explosive 90 Reduced weight .50 Cal
if you want them offer me a nice legacy weapon bundle deal
i don't want any radium or gauss weapons
it will have to be a really good offer
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2021.09.24 19:47 Zealousideal_Water_6 Help using Firebase for authentication only and then using storing user in postgresql.

Basically instead of using something like passportjs I would like to use firebase as my authentication. I have it setup in react to where the user can login with google, but I am unsure on the next steps.
Do I simply send the returned data to my server and store it in postgres? How do I handle sessions if Firebase is the one issuing the JWT? Any tips? Thanks!
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2021.09.24 19:47 Novel_Pair Bugged exit gate

I had 99ed the gate but when i tried to open it the endgame collapse started but the gate didn't open and the killer just instantly murdered us. "Pretty good job so far"
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2021.09.24 19:47 Pink0612152504 What made movies back then great?

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2021.09.24 19:47 jroadsreal Meigray partners with Kraken as official source for game worn jerseys. Info on meigray.com

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2021.09.24 19:47 Notwilly993 Damien and Saige

So... are Damien and Saige actually dating?
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2021.09.24 19:47 socalguitar Today marks the 51st anniversary of orca Tokitae / Lolita's placement at the Miami Seaquarium

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2021.09.24 19:47 iloseyouindegrees Part 2 is underrated and doesn't deserve the critisicm it gets

I did a poll recently asking for people opinion on the whole of ENSWBL
As expected, I saw a lot of comments saying most people prefer Part 1 and a lot of people saying how dissapointed they are (this has been a common opinion since the album came out)
And since day 1 it's always confused me. The first time I heard Part 2, I preferred it over Part 1
It's not their best album but it's still a banger of an album
Let's go through it quickly:
Red Desert - Epic intro how it leads into...
The Runner - Banger!!
Wash Off - Good song, it bangs!
Black Bull - Can O'Stella Fish Fillet! Banger!!!
Like Lighting - Good song, I like it! Never understood the hate it gets.
Dreaming Of - Good song!
Ikaria - Yes it's a bit pointless BUT it does separate the heavy first half into the more lyrical/Spacey end to the album. Also Ikaria has a link with the next song...
10'000ft - Good song, it bangs!
Into The Surf - Beautiful song, banger!
Neptune - Another song that gets a lot of stick but it's brilliant for me, Great lyrics, love the guitar solo in the middle and the big epic ending. Such a great way to end this double album. Absolute banger!
You have 8 full length songs that bang for me! And 2 instrumentals that do have a purpose on the album!
I feel like this is a great album to blast out loud on the speaker and it's a very motivitonal album for me as well
Finally, the thing that surprised me the most.... We have just had 4 brilliant albums in Antidotes,TLF,Holy Fire,WWD... And we are all expecting one album of 10/11 songs
They surprise us with a DOUBLE ALBUM
Part 1 was brilliant
And then we get Part 2 and instead of appreciating the fact we have just got another Foals album with loads of bangers! People seem to complain about the second part
Everyone has their own opinions which I appreciate but if any Foals fans out there think Part 2 is dissapointing or bad or even average. I think that is absolutely mental.
They lose Walter and still produce 2 albums full of bangers and people complain and it baffles me
6 albums and 14 B-Sides and they still produce great music from start to finish
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2021.09.24 19:47 Notmadjustsad-k Umm are you OK?

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2021.09.24 19:47 VaultraiderZ H: Jug Bash 15r mini W: Heavy weapon offers

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2021.09.24 19:47 dyran Tailor who repairs knit sweaters/pullovers/jumpers/whatever you want to call them?

Does anyone have a good tailor that repairs (small) holes in knits? I see some mail-in services online, but I'd rather go to someone local and in person if at all possible.
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2021.09.24 19:47 Draknalor Full act 4 with all Cinematics (4hr 48 min)

Full act 4 with all Cinematics (4hr 48 min) submitted by Draknalor to bladeandsoul [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 19:47 Dragon_Ale i think this fits?

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2021.09.24 19:47 jowarrenbuffett Can I use riser cables instead of riser cards for my 4 way mining rig? I heard riser cards cause a lot of problems so I'm thinking of getting riser cables instead.

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2021.09.24 19:47 chrisdh79 California will require all autonomous vehicles to be zero-emission starting in 2030

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2021.09.24 19:47 BIG-Z-2001 So I recently heard about the never mind baby and his Lawsuit. Looks like he does mind (not my meme I just found it)

So I recently heard about the never mind baby and his Lawsuit. Looks like he does mind (not my meme I just found it) submitted by BIG-Z-2001 to Nirvana [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 19:47 naruhudon Mi 10T Pro longer boot up time

Ever since I've updated to MIUI 12.5, my phone's re/booting up time has significantly increased. From merely 10 seconds to nearly 2 minutes. There was even a time that it did 15 minutes. Because of this, I try to avoid to restart my phone as much as possible in fear of getting stuck at boot screen again. Anyone seems to have the same problem?
The most recent one, when I updated to 12.5.4, it took 1 min 30 sec, to finish booting up. 35 seconds on the "powered by android" screen, then the "MIUI" screen on the remaining time.
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2021.09.24 19:47 oliviarose9331 Advice on passing a urine drug test for thc by the 6th? I’m too scared to try fake pee, I used a home detox last time that worked but came back dilute

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2021.09.24 19:47 FunnyTom Developing a load for new 6.5 CM rifle, not sure where I'm failing

Just built a bolt action rifle for myself, and went out yesterday to develop loads for it. I hope to use this rifle to start taking long range courses and even though its on the heavy side, I want to try PRS with it. Thing is, all my results showed about the same, approx 1 moa with no real pattern to spread. One was slightly better, should I just go with that one and load the rest of them like that?
Here are some facts that I think will be relevant:
I put about 20 factory rounds through it first just to test functionality and zero my optic. I loaded up the following rounds in batches of five for testing 40gr, 40.2gr, 40.5gr, 40.7gr, 41gr of H4350 in Hornady Brass, 2.185 to ogive. I was shooting off a bipod on a bench, with a bag on the back, at 100m. I do not have access to a chronometer.
For what I plan to use it for, and my skill level, should I even be at the point where I am loading within a couple grains aiming for the best group or should I just go with 40.7gr which was my "best" grouping but since I don't trust my methods or my skill it could have totally been just a fluke.
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2021.09.24 19:47 JardsonJean Vector Practice - Statue of Liberty

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2021.09.24 19:47 memoriesofcold Snowflake Capitol rioter melts down before judge in ‘uniquely and profoundly self-destructive episode’

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2021.09.24 19:47 oleb2711 [CD] [BL152] [Pthumeru Ihyll-HBLB] [XEl__DiaboloX]

Hi, need help with the headless bloodletting beast in the Pthumeru Ihyll. Glyph is kecz and pw is ihyllblb. I'll wait in front of the stairs down to the fog
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2021.09.24 19:47 russr Configuration Firewall Policy Discovery 0X80730025 Microsoft Policy Platform encountered an error

Configuration Firewall Policy Discovery
Microsoft Policy Platform encountered an error
\Assets and Compliance\Overview\Endpoint Protection\Windows Defender Firewall Policies
its showing 60+% as errors, its just 1 setting, making sure desktop FW is off when on the domain...
the other thing i noticed, if you open CFG baselines from the control panel applet, is blank on workstations...

but this is the only baseline showing tons of errors....
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