Sinir oldum laaaağnnnn

2021.09.24 20:57 infecteq Sinir oldum laaaağnnnn

Lan olm bir insan niye onlineyken mesaja bakmaz yazmaz begenmıs benı tanıştık yeni tamam buluşmaya olur isterm dedi ama akıcılık yok sohbette amk
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2021.09.24 20:57 Meshkat_Shadik I'm confused what should be the title! 😔

I'm new to the web development area as well as I'm not comfortable with english. This uncomfortable situation rises gradually when I'm stuck on a problem.
I've created a keras model to identify a fruit.
I just want to make an api, that can receive an image via post request. In many written tutorials, the instructor used multer library to upload the image to mongodb/local storage. I don’t need to upload an image. I just grab the image and do the rest of thing via tensorflow.js. It just receives an image and return a string (name of the fruit).
Is there any way to grab the image, without uploading? I can't get any clue/keyword that can solve my problem.
Thanks ❤️
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2021.09.24 20:57 TravisWWE12 💪

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2021.09.24 20:57 megamario2000 Which long range secondary i should use?

I feel that i need a long range secondary for my setup and i'll want to know which one is the best option
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2021.09.24 20:57 gumark WHY DOG STONKS LOW?

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2021.09.24 20:57 tomaslb36 Analisei os números do Pizzi e do João Mário a jogar na posição 8.
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2021.09.24 20:57 notGhxst i'm calling it a day

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2021.09.24 20:57 fiddlfundwurbl 600 Millionen Euro: Bundeswehr lässt Funkgeräte von 1982 nachbauen

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2021.09.24 20:57 Xordelish infp song

Pretty Boy - The Neighborhood
Erases anxiety 100%
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2021.09.24 20:57 Dino_nuggets317 Please give me attention

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2021.09.24 20:57 odiumvibe 6 hours of work down! This is my first vest and just had to order more spikes! My hands hurt but it’s all worth it!

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2021.09.24 20:57 ladder22 Question about basically stealing homework online

Ill try to make this short. I needed to go full time to college so I had to take a random course. I ended up taking a class on Microsoft office. My homework is basically follow the long instructions until it looks like exactly like the picture in the book. My latest homework is to make a resume and I was able to find a download that looks like the end result, exactly like the picture in the book.

Basically what I am asking is my professor going to be able to tell that I didnt do it myself and that I downloaded it?
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2021.09.24 20:57 nightdrive82 This is Howie

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2021.09.24 20:57 Theos_fi THEOS Partners with Global Pandemic Shield

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2021.09.24 20:57 seanfromvegas83 Las Vegas

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2021.09.24 20:57 Quasi-Bread Cadillac

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2021.09.24 20:57 eurodance90 New Jair & Vanise single I Want To Fall In Love Again

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2021.09.24 20:57 youtooz_com Family Guy Competition Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered the meme competition! Congrats to the 3 winners :)
u/Fugitoid123, u/mellowshootr and u/CraftCrab
Any ideas for future competitions you want to see come to life?
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2021.09.24 20:57 coyot3bongwat3r Do we get anything in the full game for playing the beta?

Like a helmet or color variant or anything? Any links?
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2021.09.24 20:57 Gotcha_Gamer_226 Period advice and tips needed

I'm a teen and I just started my first period yesterday. My cramps aren't too bad and I'm using pads. Any advice?
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2021.09.24 20:57 evangamer9000 Question on MekHQ

I was wondering if there is diplomacy / wars / peace etc happening on the background of MekHQ? If I proceed my game forward 3 years, will the boundaries of territory change as factions engage in war / settle peace etc?
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2021.09.24 20:57 MagicMagnusBane Mojo really is the best dining hall

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2021.09.24 20:57 XIIIJester Anti-Cathode Poisoning subroutines on various tools

Hey everyone!
I'm looking to start getting into the hobby, specifically picking up a couple of Dalibor's z568m's. As per their recommendation, the target ratio is 60 : 0.2.
1) For an unlimited time, such as a clock, should the interval be every minute to shuffle through each digit for 0.2 seconds? Or should it be less frequent like every 10 minutes for 2 seconds? What's the recommended ceiling?
2) For less frequent shifts/usage (thermometer, radio tuner, multimeter, etc.) how would you calculate usage time programmatically? At start and stop and on interval?
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2021.09.24 20:57 svanapps China Just Made Crypto Transactions Fully Illegal

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2021.09.24 20:57 bungalow27 Nokk buff?

In my opinion, I think ubisoft should shift Osa's and Nokk's smgs like they did with Oryx and Melusi. Nokk would get the PDW9 smg, with angled and 1.5 and Osa's loadouts will remain almost the same since she has a really good AR in the 556XI. Thoughts on this?
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