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1 Free Zero Caliber VR Steam Key

2021.09.24 19:44 poowedpoocs 1 Free Zero Caliber VR Steam Key

Got it in a bundle and already owned it, first come first serve
Key: 9GM52-X9FYW-V0LWC
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2021.09.24 19:44 michaelnoir September 24 1621– The earliest known copy of the "Corante", generally regarded as the first English newspaper, is published.

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2021.09.24 19:44 Roonian How can I get a landlord/apartment office to actually fix a maintenance issue?

I have been renting an apartment for roughly a month and a half now. In that time, I have had my dishwasher stop working, my microwave show a "power failure" display, and again, today, the dishwasher has stopped working.
The issue has something to do with the breaker. Maybe a fuse or faulty wiring or something, idk, I'm not an electrician.
When maintenance came out the first time, the breaker was tripped for the dishwasher, and again for the microwave. I was told they "removed it from the breaker" whatever that means (not sure how that's entirely possible, and I know it isn't safe)
They did the same with the microwave.
Now the dishwasher is tripping the breaker again, but I'm sure If I put in a request they'll just put a bandaid on it again instead of fixing the problem.
The front office never answers the phone as they are understaffed and usually busy, but what can I do to get the offic to actually FIX whatever is causing this, because I'm getting quite fed up.
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2021.09.24 19:44 FreeMindOpenSpirit Dayseeker - Sleeptalk (Reimagined) - NEW

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2021.09.24 19:44 apolling Lips not closing

I'm on day 3 and understand that my issues will largely sort themselves out (eg. my lisp, ugh) but the one thing I can't figure out is how I'm supposed to hold my mouth. My lips aren't anywhere near shut unless I'm engaging muscles, and I feel like constantly shutting /pursing my lips will carry a lot of tension and deepen lines around my mouth.
Am I just supposed to be walking around with my lips/mouth kind of open (which honestly looks silly / disconcerting)? Or should I be trying to keep my lips closed?
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2021.09.24 19:44 BasketLotionMan Religious debates be like

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2021.09.24 19:44 DefyPhysics The Dreamer song meaning

Something I love about Thrice albums is the deep, meaning-filled lyrics steeped I references to other meaning-filled books, stories, or ideas. Many songs have sent me down paths of reading something else and then a song with 50 words brings in the thoughts and lessons or emotions from an entire book or essay. It's like a cheat-code to get more bang for your buck into the lyrical meaning of a song.
With that said, I'm having a hard time interpreting The Dreamer. It's not clicking with either a literal meaning or personal one. I especially do not understanding the second part of the chorus about someone calling in the morning and the narrator won't be there. It throws off everything to me but seems important.
What do you think Dustin means with this song or what is your personal interpretation or understanding?
Here are the lyrics for reference:
Speak your truth, spit your doubt Our love's in the gutter, you're bleeding us out They built a fire but it wasn't for me And everything went black When the sun fell but it was bright beneath the trees I realize now we don't simply cease to be We become
Somebody said that I'm a dreamer I never knew why, but now I see Somebody's calling in the morning I won't be there, I always leave
There was a voice in the night But the words were lost And then found in the pouring rain So listen to the call when it comes Or else you won't know what it means One more day, one more hour to learn your name again
Somebody said that I'm a dreamer I never knew why, but now I see Somebody's calling in the morning I won't be there, I always leave
Who is the dreamer? What is the dream? Who is the dreamer? What's hidden in between
Somebody said that I'm a dreamer I never knew why, but now I see Somebody's calling in the morning I won't be there, I always leave Somebody said that I'm a dreamer I never knew why, but now I see Somebody's calling in the morning I won't be there, I always leave
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2021.09.24 19:44 Dohi64 [pc] fake operating system, maybe hacking, no programming

just finished dum-dum, excellent fake os stuff with tons of puzzles, funny story, lots of optional things (mini-games, websites, etc.), absolutely no timed anything and just one section requiring a bit of quick clicking. so now I'm looking for more of the same, essentially.
already wishlisted hypnospace outlaw, looks interesting. checked out macdows 95 but it doesn't look good and requires timing and quick actions, not for me.
I've always liked the idea of hacking games (hacker on the c64, hacknet and similar games on pc, etc.), but they tend to have timers before the security system notices you or whatever, and might be too 'technical' anyway, plus I'm not looking for programming games.
question is, what else is out there?
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2021.09.24 19:44 nuevatemporada Installed Triumph passenger pegs and seat on my RS. Not the comfiest two-up experience but it gets the job done!

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2021.09.24 19:44 No_Organization_1107 What y'all think of DQ musically?

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2021.09.24 19:44 Neostrich Trying to understand "Sensitivity"

For context, i currently have a pair of HyperX Cloud 2's which i have been using for gaming and listening to music off my phone when im lay down. Recently got a pair of AKG K702s which don't run well off my phone, so i use the FiiO E10K for those at my desk. The size of the earcups and all the cables lying around between my phone to the K702s (with E10K) on my bed make them unfortunately entirely unusable in bed in any comfortable manner.
SO, the plan was to get some Sony MDR-7506/1's to replace my HyperX's. They're small, portable and can be used right out of a phone apparently, and have the more neutral sound profile that i'm looking for in my headphones now. Then i heard that they're TOO sensitive. I'm quite protective of my ears since i already got some mild tinnitus from listening to music through earbuds at high volumes as a teenager so i'm trying to not blow my ears out, so i guess my main question is would there be any problems using them through a DAC?
I assume it's just like when i run my HyperX's through it, and a 2 on the dial is equivalent of a 4-5 on the AKG's, right? My concern is just whether they're going to be absolutely biting at 1, or something. My other option is just going for some Audio Technica ATH-M50X's which sound like they fit the same bill but are less sensitive. Closed back is also important for this second pair as i don't want feedback in voice calls.
Sorry for the long winded-ass post, i'm completely new to listening to music out of anything that isn't some shit i picked up in a supermarket for 20 quid that now i'm buying stuff for a hundred or so i'm probably overthinking it massively. Thoughts?
To maybe save you a google search here's the listed sensitivities i could find
AKG K702 - 91.63db / 62Ohms
HyperX Cloud II - 98db / 60Ohms
Audio Technica ATH-M50X - 99db / 38Ohms
Sony MDR-7506/1 - 106db / 63Ohms
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2021.09.24 19:44 CompanyExtension1050 SolCrocos dropping in little over 1 hour! 7PM GMT | Mint price 1 SOL | Total Supply 100

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2021.09.24 19:44 BioLuminescentSpirit Having shaky hands sucks.

As a rookie artist, I cannot stress how frustrating it is to constantly make mistakes due to uneasy hands. What's even more frustrating is the feeling that you can do it, but you keep getting held back by these mistakes.
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2021.09.24 19:44 quadshock Curving entertainment pavilion takes shape in downtown San Jose (SoFA)

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2021.09.24 19:44 Mcccy My current bf told me he uses asmr to j##k off. Is that weird??

Just want to clarify he didn't told me out of the blue, I jokingly asked cause I wanted to see if he uses porn. It actually took him a few minutes to tell me he uses asmr vids for that.
The channels he told me are all women who don't show thair faces and their content is anything but sexual. On one side I'm glad he doesn't use actual porn but isn't it a bit weird he uses something that's not meant to be sexual for that purpose?
What are your thoughts about this?
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2021.09.24 19:44 Wolf14Vargen14 My Ideal Fallout Game

Okay so for the last five years i have been thinking about what my ideal Fallout game would be and i warn y’all that it might get weird and whacky since i am a rather weird individual thst knows a lot about both Canon and none Canon stuff related to the fallout franchise either way here it goes

Chino Vault = Survivors of the chino war and Survivors of the great war from both american and chinese desent that every year hold a election every 32 years to see if anarchy or capitalism or Communism gets to rule the vault between elections but due to a serious error you as the player if you pick the Chino Vault faction End up winning and so have to fix the serious error that the vault’s main heating unit has started to fail and so have 32 days to find a replacement but luckily as it is vault days it is closer to 32,3 days due to how the main clock of the vault was the first thing to freeze but only temporarily, How ever on your journey you would have though choices such as betraying the vault for your own survival or to sacrifice your self to keep them alive or to join the threat to the vault which seek to use the vault’s population to increase their own numbers, So you have to pick one of those options or kill both factions to get a evil ending for both factions or give in to them and get the threat faction their good ending
The Enclave: They recently reconstructed and reformed their forces by taking people from vaults as they prepare for a great journey across the ocean to contact their pre-war allies at Poseidon HQ in Russia but depending on the player’s choice at the start of the game either starts as a fresh reqruite or ends up joining them or ends up destroying them before they can get enough troops and resources to get to russia since The Enclave intends to use the Poseidon HQ to send a broadcast across The Earth to potentialy rebuild America as a Planet wide goverment but to do do they have to restart the great network which was a pre-war network of satelites that collect information which had it’s main data base at Poseidon HQ in Russia as American spies established Poseidon durring the chino war by stealing and smuggling resources across the globe through using technology scavanged from a crashed zetan space craft in the ocean near Russia that was shot down at the first day of the chino war since USA mistook it as a Chinese aircraft and so America formed a secret Alliance with the USSR where they would trade secrets to ensure that the USSR would’t invade America durring the chino War but now The Enclave is preparing for an Land invasion of Russia through boats and Vertibirds and Sub marines made from the remaining pieces of the crashed Zetan ship and from scrap left over from the chino War and the War of Anchorage, Anyway it is up to the player to either destroy or stop or join The Enclave
USSR: You’re a USSR agent sent to stop The Enclave but of course you would have the option to betray the USSR and join The Enclave how ever they don’t consider you a true American if you join them so you have to do more quests for them then any other faction in the game besides the next faction and of course this means that they would see you more or less similar to how they see mutants where they want to shoot you on sight at first but don’t since they consider you a usefull tool, Anyway if you stay loyal to USSR you destroy The Enclave and pacify the other factions by either destroying them or by forcing them to join The USRR or bribe them to not interfere with The USRR and depending on your choices you either get a bad or good ending
The Beasts: They are the local mutants of Alaska which are highly resistant to cold but are highly flammable but due to their mutation they aren’t seen as proper human and are almost shoot on sight and of course the story with them is that you are a tribal of The Beasts that gets sent to either make peace with The Enclave or to destroy them or to betray The Beasts by joining them and then desiding to kill your own tribe and family and the rest of The Beasts which are composed of Ghouls and Super Mutants and Beastlords which are a nearly extinct race of semi Humanoid animals as they where created by The Enclave when trying to make a type of bio warrior by combining different types of creatures with humans and of course this means that if you side with The Enclave you have a LOT of quests to do to Prove your loyalty and depending on how many of them you do either The Beasts are fully integrated into The Enclave or fully wipped out by your own hands/paws
——Playable Races—— Human: You gain reputation the fastest but you have no resistant bonuses
Human Ghoul: You have the ability to heal from radiation but if your radiation meter reaches 1000 you turn feral and so is considered as a death and due to your Ghoul physcology you have decreased fire resistance but a small boost to frost resistance though you have a -2 to Charisma when speaking to humans
Beast Lord: You have frost damage resistance but has a increased fire damage taken penalty and you have to constantly maintain a sanity meter or you turn feral which decrease your Charisma by 5 but give a strength and endurance boost of 2, How ever you gain less rep with human NPCs when doing their quests since they see you as a abomanation as you’re a artificial Creation rather then a natural specie or even a mutant, So you have to grind quests like crazy to gain max reputation with any faction besides The Beasts where you get a bonus to your reputation and of course as a Beast Lord you can eat raw meat without problem but can’t drink alcohol to purge radiation like the other playable races and of course you have to modify Armor to wear it which decreases their Armor rating but allows you to wear it as you’re the only playable race with a tail which means you have a bigger hit box as well meaning that Stealth would be highly recommended as a tag skill
——Skills—— Yes skills are back and they are
Survival = Effects healing based on food and water and your ability to craft things
Unarmed = Effects your unarmed damage and it’s speed
Melee Weapons = Effects your Melee weapon damage and speed
Pistol Weapons = Effects your pistol damage and reload speed
Rifle Weapons = Effects your rifle damage and reload speed
Explosive Weapons = Effects your explosive damage and reload speed and weight
Science = Desides if you can hack terminals or not and works as a back up for intelligence checks
Thief = Desides if you can lock pick locks or not and allows you to pick pocket better
Medicine = Desides how much you can heal by using things like Stimpacks and how many rads you can remove by using Rad Away but doesn’t effect food or water
Barter = Impacts price on buying and selling items by 1% per point meaning you can sell items at double the price at 100 Points and buy items at 95% the price
——New Features——
Freezing: You have to constantly keep yourself warm if you’re not a Beast Lord
Hunger: You have to eat to not die of starvation, Only Beast Lords can eat raw meat
Thirst: You have to drink to not die of dehydration, Ghouls need to drink less
Sleep: You have to sleep to not die of lack of sleep which Effects your AP
Waste: Yeah this is obvious, You need to maintain it or enemyies will be able to more easily find you in combat but just like the other survival features it can be turned on or off and luckily it is a easy fade to black or fade to white depending on your options if you have it turned on
Sanity: If you drop to 0 sanity then you can kiss your Charisma good Bye and if you are a Ghoul then you essentialy die as you turn feral and sanity is restored by sleeping and "Sleeping"
"Sleeping": You’re a organic being and that means you have the craving unless you pick a certain tag or turn this off and yes this would be the most easy thing to restore since you could just romance a Companion and yes it would be a cut to black or cut to white depending on your settings in options and yes voices would be optional as well and yes diseases would also be optional and you better remember to keep that pip-plastic on you or you’ll take the risk of having a permanent companion which you can’t replace unless at a workshop
Vehicles: You can use either a snow bike or a snow jeep which you have to maintain by using science or intelligence but remember if it explodes then you better be close to a workshop or you ain’t gonna be able to build a new one and yes the snow jeep is Enclave exclusive
——Returning Features——
Workshop: You can set them up at certain locations such as outside the chino vault if you picked the chino vault faction since as the Overseer of the vault it is your job to protect it while looking for the heating unit and for The Beasts it would be your starting location which is a small tent and yes spawn Points for attacks on workshops would be placed outside them meaning that walls and pits would work, For the USSR faction you would have access to a airport as your starting workshop but the plane was remotely turned off by The USRR, Of course there are workshops that you can use regardless of what faction you pick to side with, Such as a iconic and memorable remains of the camp that we saw in Fallout 3’a Point Anchorage DLC which would be a highly contested area as there is only three ways to enter which is from the front’s two entrancws and from above but only Enclave NPCs would have access to Jetpacks, And of course the other faction workshops would unlock if you either kill or join the faction that owns them and no the plane on the airport will never work.....Without the Russia dlc
Russia’s Fate = You either invade russia or return to russia to either save the USSR or to destroy the USSR and this DLC would add new locations and new Armor and new weapons and new quests but not all of Russia would be accessable as it would be explained that Russia was mostly left as a barren Winter land due to the resource war and the fall of the European Union and of course there would be a neutral option where you just go there to see what is going on
USSR’S Legacy = Adds USSR themed items to the workshop such as a USSR Flag that is animated and a USSR bunker set of walls and floors and foundations and adds a weapon named "The Capitalist Whacker" and one set of Armor named "Capitalist’s Nightmare" which is a USSR Soldier fatigue but with a text on the back Reading "Rather red then to blow up" and of course a radio snd jukebox thst plays the USSR Anthem and this would unlock USSR settlers that speak with russian accents coming in both human and human Ghoul but with one Unique Beast lord settleCompanion named Laik as a reference to Lika and she is a true USSR loyalist so she gladly does what you tell her to do even if it means walking around in just her fur when at max affinity and she would be the most easy to get max affinity with since all you need to do is complete the USSR story path or to do her Quest where you get her a box of vodka since she likes to bathe in it since it makes her fur all sticky which helps her as she has a problem with being Overly huggy as she loves her comrades since she is a pure USSR supporter since they saved her from beibg killed by The Enclave for her Overly joyfull personality since she loved killing raiders too much for The Enclave’s liking since she would keep Messing up missions since she would keep on killing raiders on sight meaning she was sent to be executed only to be saved by an USSR spy that gave his life to save her and since she was just a cub at the time she swore Eternal Alliance to the USSR since then and a box of vodka was the last thing she remembers of him as that was what he gave her as a welcome to the USSR before he died from his wounds and yes she would be very very protective of the player if you reach full affinity with her and if romanced you get a perk that says "Legacy Of USSR" implying something interesting if you aren’t playing as a Beast Lord which you would later get to see if you continue onto her post romanced quest but it is a one in one thousand chance to happen shere you find out the obvious, Anyway back to items, You would then depending on the out come of her quests get paintings of her and jr if you did her post romance Quest which would unlock a USSR themed baby cage made from Steel with balistic fiber pillows and of course this would unlock a permanent Companion that is weak in combat but can be sent to find rare resources such as water and food thst is able to follow you even if you have a Companion,Any way that is all for this dlc
Cold Heart Of Zeta = You find a weird radio signal which leads you to a cave which to tour surprise is a Zetan labratory where they do experiments on the local population and it is up to you to either stop it or to allow it to continue, Either way you would get new gear, Such as a Zetan energy Sword which would be able to be modified to have different Blade colors and of course the famous Alien Blaster pistol which as well would have a different glow color Modification which also changes the color of the projectile and even set different propertys to the projectiles such as fire damage or cryo damage or radiation damage or shock damage or poison damage but of course the biggest reward would be the Zetan Power Armor which is basically a power Armor version of the Flatwoods monster suit from Fallout 76 but made to work in the cold tempratures of Alaska and it would have a in built jetpack that drains 25% less of a fusion core then a regular power armor jetpack and this would also unlock Zetan settlers if you allow them to live and continue their experiments on the locals of alaska
The Election = This unlocks items in workshops themed around elections so you could build podiums and microphones that NPCs could use and American and USSR based paint jobs for Armor and weapons and power armor based on the flags of America and the USSR with the story of the DLC having you be elected as the president of Alaska which is either harder or easyier based on your main story progression and choices which if you win the election gives you a permanent Happiness bonus to all your settlements/workshops but if you lose the election then you get a permanent Happiness penalty to all your settlements/workshops
Gun Slinger = The higher ranks the more damage you deal with pistols
Charming Bastard = You get a bonus to Charisma but gain less reputation
Cyborg = You take less energy damage
Rapid Reload = You reload guns faster
Animal Friend = Animals won’t attack you on sight at rank 1, At rank 2 they come to help you in combat
Feral at heart = Feral Ghouls won’t attack you on sight at rank 1, At rank 2 they come to help you in combat
Heavy Tail = You can’t be Knocked over anymore
Thicc Fur = Increases cryo resistance but increases fire damage that you take
Rad Resistant = Increases you radiation resistance
Cannibal = You can eat the corpses of the dead of your own kind to heal
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2021.09.24 19:44 MonsieurBlofeld ich🗳iel

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2021.09.24 19:44 LurkingPorcupine Luna trying out her birthday crown (her birthday is next month)

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2021.09.24 19:44 DreamyCrypto FTX best crypto exchange with the lowest trading fees (use this link to register and get 5% trading fee discount forever!)

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2021.09.24 19:44 gagidik Is that true?

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2021.09.24 19:44 InternationalCrazy38 Sempre parlando di Attack on TearlessTitan, ecco a voi un Pure TearlessTitan! trlBOOMER trlBOOMER

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2021.09.24 19:44 NewsElfForEnterprise UPDATE 2-Chevron-led Kazakh venture delays expansion after COVID-19 snags

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2021.09.24 19:44 pk-911 https://www.reddit.com/r/NFTCollect/comments

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2021.09.24 19:44 DifferenceTall1414 Gem choices be like: the free choice is being plain rude/ungrateful

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2021.09.24 19:44 Emotional_Mission_63 Your boy is on his way to Vegas for his bachelor party!!! If you'd like to buy your boy a shot hit up the venmo!!!

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