Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson vs Dante Martin & Matt Sydal added to Dynamite next week.

2021.09.24 19:29 Southern-Length-2623 Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson vs Dante Martin & Matt Sydal added to Dynamite next week.

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2021.09.24 19:29 anime_toddies Selling 2 GA 2021 EDC LV Tickets (located in Chicago)

Selling two GA tickets to 2021 EDC LV on October 22-24. Price is $450 each or $850 together OBO. Willing to negotiate down even more. Friend and I bought them off of waitlist back in July and can't go anymore.

Can meet up in person in Chicago or ship once the tickets arrive. If shipping, would prefer to Zoom first just to ensure you're not a scammer :) Can accept payments through cash, Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle. NO checks.
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2021.09.24 19:29 akkifmx Can someone guide me to get the clean Goku active skill wallpaper without KO in the middle

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2021.09.24 19:29 MemesActive bedrock rtx help

on java edition shaders work just fine nut i cant even download any rtx shaders on bedrock edition.
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2021.09.24 19:29 MultiAnglePerception Increase dose causing relentless night terrors

I just upped my dose from 75 to 100 milligrams like 3 weeks ago and ever since I have been having nightmares and wake up with intense anxiety, also my brain is getting worse and worse. I’m thinking of just going back down to 75 because I wasn’t experiencing any of this on that. Has anybody else experienced this?
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2021.09.24 19:29 troxie Baby Ballers NFT 🏀Limited Supply 4,000 Mints 🏀 | Curated by John Wall

I just recently heard about Baby Ballers, I haven't been looking for NFT projects, and have actually been gaming more. I've been playing 2K22, so this project caught my attention since it has to do with basketball. I heard there's some big names behind it too that will be announced sooner than we think. This is what the devs have teased
Baby Baller's launch is scheduled to be this week when I asked the devs in the Discord. Minting will be done on their website. The road map has me super excited just to go over a few things. There will be a Twitter Spaces with a NBA player to be announced...
The objective of this project, Baby Ballers, is to bring NBA and crypto fans around the world together creating a unique NFT community with raffles to win tickets to games, and merch. The following things you can win are VIP front row tickets, and meet and greet with the mystery NBA player that will make an appearance in an AMA.
If you're a basketball fan, or just an NFT enthusiast this project is definitely for you!
- Rarity.Tools listing with more giveaways from the devs/ mystery NBA player 🔥
- Multiple NBA players to join the Discord/ Twitter Spaces with AMAs 🔥
- Private Discord for holders shared after minting is complete 🔥
- $100,000 donated to the charity to be disclosed in the Discord 🔥
- Holders to participate in AMA with the mystery NBA players 🔥
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2021.09.24 19:29 lzth00 210924 Kai for Blackyak

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2021.09.24 19:29 mechabattra A very, very small toad I met. Can anyone help identify?

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2021.09.24 19:29 bossplayer6709 What the actual fuck did i do?

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2021.09.24 19:29 shanabailey Towel Wall Holder for 1.05 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $1.12)

Here is the link (Aliexpress): Towel Wall Holder
(Aliexpress coupons: )
It's a real discount and real deal.
You can also check other channels:

  1. FB group
  2. Telegram
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2021.09.24 19:29 panisdrawing2000 [FOR HIRE] Watercolor painting and illustration. PM if interested

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2021.09.24 19:29 edotb Life in the big city

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2021.09.24 19:29 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.24 19:29 iamtherealmod Hack-a-Sat: Kepler 2 GEO, Solving for Propulsion w/Python

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2021.09.24 19:29 aadm_bot Notícias do dia

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2021.09.24 19:29 mouse_is_here I NEED WISE PEOPLE TO GIVE ME FRIENDSHIP ADVICE!!!

So, just to let you know this will be a little long because I need to provide some background information. I'm also new to reddit so please forgive me for any mistakes!
I'd like to start out by saying this friend and I are both in our late teens and we've been friends since pre-school. Recently my friend group and I graduated from high school and we're all doing our own things (two of them just got their first job). I'd also like to mention that I've always been a bit faster at doing things and I'm not trying to be an asshole, that's just how it is (I fully accept that everyone moves in life at their own pace and shouldn't be pressured, but I was also the one driving everyone everywhere all the time). I was the first out of our friend group to get a job (at 16) and pass my drivers E.D. test, do the driving hours needed with the instructor, and get my license.
But it seems in the last year or two (I don't have a good memory and time doesn't even seem real anymore), my one friend has been taking advantage of me. It was senior school year when it started I guess. I was doing school virtually and she was doing hybrid, but she still needed to be picked up because of a culinary program she went to. And for awhile I didn't mind picking her up everyday from school, because it forced me out of the house and got me socializing a little bit more. Eventually, we started bringing her sophomore friend home. At first when I would pick them up, she would ask to go to Dunkin', but then it became "Oh we're going to Dunkin' again today, x you wanna come?". It was the little things like her telling us that we were going and inviting the sophomore. KEEP IN MIND: This is my car with gas that I'm using. My parents had made me quit my job back in March/April of 2019 when COVID hit. I'm pretty good with saving and budgeting my money, but every single day I would be thinking about my gas and when I was gonna run out of money. I wasted even more gas by hanging out parked in front of her house with my car running. I would give her hints that I needed to leave like, "I'm just really tired" or "My social battery is out" or make an excuse so I could leave. I know yall are mad at me for not being upfront, but I'm a non confrontational person and especially with those that are close to me. It also doesn't help that this friend is very non serious. She's always making jokes and I can't remember the last time we talked about anything serious, it just feels unnatural to do with her. Even while out of school, she's called me asking to bring her to the store because she needs to pick something up. And because I got a new job in July, I've been working a lot to make up for sitting around my house doing nothing for a year and a half. I was sleeping when she called that time and I was gonna tell her no, but I didn't. I also have a hard time telling people no, can you tell?
Not only is this "recent" behavior annoying me, it's kinda pissing me off. Like today, I'm trying to do little chores and get ready for work. She has called me 20 TIMES, LEFT 2 VOICEMAILS, AND 1 DISCORD AUDIO CALL. I listened to the voicemails and they don't sound important. Because as of recently, every time she has texted or called me it's because she wants something from me or to drive her somewhere. I've been pretty much ignoring her the past 2 or 3 days because of it. She has definitely gotten too comfortable using me. Not only am I tired of her recent behavior, I'm kinda over her as a whole. She has a very harsh in your face type of personality. For example, she'll tell one of our other friend (let's call her Anna) how much she loves her and call her an angel, but then turn around and call me a b*tch, wh*re, who doesn't deserve love in the same breath. And she's been doing this for a long time and I'm finally fed up. And this is strange because my whole friend group have been victims to bullying in school, so she knows what it feels like. I'm not trying to excuse her words/actions, but I'm thinking she might be taking her anger out on me specifically due to trauma and family issues. I want to tell my other friend(s) about it, but I don't want to stress them out or make them feel like we're talking sh*t behind her back. But I think one of the reasons I tolerated her and her abuse so long is because we're both afraid to be alone even if we do have other friends (My whole friend group are asocial lowkey introverts too). We have been friends so long and we've also never had any fights or conflict so this is new territory. I need advice on what to do or how to handle this situation.
I really want to save the friendship. But I also realized recently that I want and NEED new friends (meaning I want to add to my group, not completely start over). I want to be friends with people that I've never even thought I could be friends with. I want to go out and do things and explore places, but the friends I have now just aren't those type of people. I'm not a social person and I get really awkward talking to new people. I find it very hard to make new friends, and especially now that I'm out of school. If yall could drop some tips for that too, that would be cool! Sorry for the whole ass essay I just dropped on yall. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this and or help my ass.
- Mouse :)
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2021.09.24 19:29 BigBizzee Say what you want, but the 301 and 99 are still the kings.

The laser beam 301 and the shredder 99 are still the best guns in the game. OK, maybe not for you 5kd sweats... But for me and my 1kd, there's none better. They just feel great.
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2021.09.24 19:29 esmail_el_bob what happened for

each time i try to access i get blank screen:
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2021.09.24 19:29 independentpianoman A discussion of pedaling and tempo in Beethoven’s “Moonlight” Sonata, topped off with a complete performance.

A discussion of pedaling and tempo in Beethoven’s “Moonlight” Sonata, topped off with a complete performance. submitted by independentpianoman to piano [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 19:29 outsider990 very close to the truth

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2021.09.24 19:29 ToruBird Just got called back for a repeat pap. Anyone else experience this ?

So I got a call from my doc today & she wants me to come back in 3 months for a repeat pap test. Not sure how to feel about this. I'm aware that it could pretty much be nothing, but I have a history of cancer in my family, so I automatically assume the worst.
Has anyone else had a repeat pap? If so, what was the reason (if you don't mind me asking!)
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2021.09.24 19:29 drivenadventures Incorporeal creatures with natural armor

This is not okay. Incorporeal monsters do not have bodies and therefore cannot have natural armor. The Shadows that spawn during the legend Mythic Quest chain, and The Other who in addition to being incorporeal is also a swarm for some inexplicable reason have both armor and natural armor. There are rules legal ways to make monsters powerful this is not one of them.
Also incorporeal swarm, really? Really?
You've made a good game overall but you need to fix certain terrible design choices with some of these monsters
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2021.09.24 19:29 Beavis-3682 RTX 3070TI and AIO's

So I have always went the cooling my cards with an AIO using things such a kraken bracket. Does anyone know of a bracket made yet that I can connect an AIO to my RTX 3070TI?
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2021.09.24 19:29 foolish-rain When they throw a tantrum and want to try the lemon juice.

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2021.09.24 19:29 shorttoad6550 Oh lan bura 10.000 olmuş

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