WhiteHouse: Tune in for a briefing with Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. https://t.co/uKKLOPs6XJ

2021.09.24 20:38 reddit_feed_bot WhiteHouse: Tune in for a briefing with Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. https://t.co/uKKLOPs6XJ

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2021.09.24 20:38 poopie_doodle How do you think Brian can vanish for good?

So if his parents helped him get a head start by using the nature reserve as a red herring, and he was able to get to a big city and they provided him with ample cash, and with no need for an i.d or burner phone, cutting all ties with his identity and everyone who knows him.. he can wear a hat and mask, in a city where masks are still prevalent and he infiltrates and blends into their homeless shelter scene, potentially getting two free meals a day and a cot staying out of the elements, eventually finding a under-the-table cash jobs, gains 50+ pounds changing his appearance and stays super low pro off the grid through the winter til the search wanes, and he just stays a homeless man spending his days staying out of trouble reading books in libraries, he can potentially vanish for good. Seems way more plausible and easier than trying to live off the land or boat to an island.
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2021.09.24 20:38 CamoWasHere Oculus link cable not working...

so i bought an oculus quest 2 a couple of days ago and realised the air link is not the best, so ordered a cable to fix my problems, however I did not want to pay the £89 for an actual one so found a cheaper one and it just charges my headset and doesn't actually link it to my pc. anybody understand my problem?
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2021.09.24 20:38 CourteousBear Is the 9TH rule REALLY benefiting us?

During the past few months, and particularly now, I feel that the "No positions" rules is actually counterproductive.
We have already understood that individual investors talking about their love for a company isn't collusion, so, why are we taking away possible crucial informations from ourselves?
How is it different doing a google survey to gather information from conducting a survey directly here to gain an estimate of the superstonk's holdings? We could have done an anonymous survey for satori approved users a long time ago. How does it make sense to ask everyone how many shares do they have except ourselves?
This to me seems like the way that the 1% tell us not to talk about wages, a way to control useful infos that could help our lives.

Definitely not criticizing the surveys, they're a really useful tool.
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2021.09.24 20:38 CodyDaB3ar 19m looking for female friends around the same age

I’m a guy who just gets along with women better than most guys and if you need a friend to listen to some of your problems I’m here I mainly want a Platonic relationship but a long friendship. Pm me if your interested
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2021.09.24 20:38 YuzoY [For Hire] I do Character Illustrations (Icons, Fanarts, Character Designs and OCs) Starting at 40$. Only 2 Slots left! More information in the comments

[For Hire] I do Character Illustrations (Icons, Fanarts, Character Designs and OCs) Starting at 40$. Only 2 Slots left! More information in the comments submitted by YuzoY to HungryArtists [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 20:38 BellOutOfOrder With different port (9003) I get the page but no htaccess, no images, nothing - 80 works perfectly? Huh?

Ok, I give. I'm completely baffled and searching has yielded nothing repeatedly.
I added a debug port to apache and the pages in the root load on that port but nothing else. No htaccess, no images, no js, etc. - just 404s. But the text and markup from the index page load and display. Huh?
A little more detail:

Super simple vhosts:
# Virtual Hosts #  ServerName localhost ServerAlias localhost DocumentRoot "${INSTALL_DIR}/www"  Options +Indexes +Includes +FollowSymLinks +MultiViews AllowOverride All Require local   #  ServerName blahblahblah.local DocumentRoot "c:/development/code/virtualhosts/dev.blahblahblah/website"  Options +Indexes +Includes +FollowSymLinks +MultiViews AllowOverride All Require local   #  ServerName blahblahblah.local DocumentRoot "c:/development/code/virtualhosts/dev.blahblahblah/website"  Options +Indexes +Includes +FollowSymLinks +MultiViews AllowOverride All Require local   
If I hit blahblahblah.local - everything loads just fine. But if I hit blahblahblah.local:9003 to debug using xcode and VSCode I see all of the text of the index page but all other resources fail (but debugging remotely works). I checked htaccess by putting in a stupid error and it didn't matter so I assume htaccess wasn't hit at all. Nothing in the error logs. Nothing in my brain.

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2021.09.24 20:38 Donoweevil What did you say?

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2021.09.24 20:38 yigitayaz262 Give me some ultra-plain names like bob or hubert. I will use them as hostnames

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2021.09.24 20:38 expensive-ask00 I Just Got Pushed 10 Steps Back From Completely Moving On

(Warning: this will probably be fairly long)
So I met a guy. We started going on dates in late July and it was going really well. I thought he was a really good guy, he was super sweet to me, he loved my family and I loved his family, I loved his friends. So, we became official on August 28th. But here's the kicker...
His best friend, basically his brother, died very unexpectedly on August 31st. It was absolutely heartbreaking. He was obviously devastated. I tried my hardest to just be there for him.
He was appreciative of everything I was doing and I just tried to let him have his space when he wanted it and whatever. 3 days after his friend died, I basically stopped hearing from him. I just let it be. So after 48 hrs of not talking to him at all, I texted him and asked if I could meet him for just a minute to talk to him about something. I was planning on telling him I was going to go my own way so that he could properly mourn his friend's death and not worry about a relationship. I waited for hours and I never heard anything so I just sent him a text that said what I wanted to tell him in person. Still never got an answer. I started trying to move on because he could not process any emotion to reply and I knew that. I couldn't wait for an answer and put my life on hold.
But then I saw him with another girl the next day. He doesn't have any sisters, I met most of his friends, I met his girl cousins. I didn't recognize her. I texted him that I just saw him pass by with another girl and then I blocked him on everything, except his phone number. He never texted me back. I didn't talk to him again at all. I chalked it up to the fact that he had found someone else, but it has hurt really bad. I have been missing him nonstop and I think about him all the time. But I keep just trying to move on anyway.
But last night, he texted me. He said, "I have been wanting to text you but I just didn't know what to say. I do give a shit about you and I miss you. I understand how you feel. I'm sorry I didn't fight for you when I should have. I f**ked up. That's on me. You'll be the one that got away."
W T F. I have no idea what even happened between us forreal and then he texts me that. Now I'm confused, a little more hurt, and right back to square one all over again. I would like to talk to him to just get some answers, but at the same time, I don't. All I know is this sh*t sucks and I wish he hadn't texted me.
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2021.09.24 20:38 sai_gamer Follow this and you will have an easy time

  1. Go afk and watch YouTube
  2. Fight for the jungle until your teammate leaves 3.Just do jungle and don't bother helping any lane because level matters.
  3. During dreadnaw make sure to get 2 points and dunk in top lane when rest of your teammate is fighting it
  4. Use ultimate on ludicolo creep
  5. Jump head on to Zapdos because your teammates doing it although you are in lead
  6. Be a solo player, dunk 200 points and lose. Make sure to ask yourself why your teammate didn't score anything and how you were the only one scoring
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2021.09.24 20:38 anfebras Adding random shit to this frame everyday till I forget day 26

Adding random shit to this frame everyday till I forget day 26 submitted by anfebras to evangelionmemes [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 20:38 One_Employ_3604 Smash Bros Casting pt.1

So inspired by the wonderful casting of the upcoming Mario movie. I decided to do my own casting choices for all characters in smash bros. Not only fighters but assist trophies, bosses, side/stage characters, and a few that aren’t involved. With the help of RNG I managed to get 10 male roles casted.
I wanna know your thoughts on it, in terms of irony and actual potential.
Rank them if you want.
Anyway here we go.
Kevin Hart-E.Gadd
Iggy-John C. Reilly
Falco-Chris Evans
Andros-John Goodman
Olimar-Nick Offerman
Duck Hunt Dog-Andy Sandberg
Banjo-Tom Hanks
Dimitri-Hugh Jackman
Dr.Wright-Matthew Broderick
Blinky-Zachary Levi
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2021.09.24 20:38 Beefyy-_ Holding $F 💪🏽

Who’s with me?
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2021.09.24 20:38 Petecavscout918 Need some help from experienced PC users.

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2021.09.24 20:38 DrMikkelyz54 Anyone else feel Dunkirk should have had more naval combat scenes? Or correction: A naval combat scene?

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2021.09.24 20:38 attentiveerror62 Daily Launch BSC🚀 GEMSLIST 💎 Join to find upcoming Coin launches Daily! ✅ @DailyLaunchBSC

Daily Launch BSC 🚀
🚨Posted about 12 upcoming fair launches and 21 presales for today in CryptoLaunchList, feel free to check us out 🚨 And many more good projects incoming!
✅ Daily Dedicated Lists of upcoming coins will be posted everyday around 12:00UTC !
🚨TO ALL THE COIN HUNTERS! if you want to find daily upcoming launches that a team specialises in searching for you check them out!
They post daily upcoming BSC launches list for DxSales presales unicrypt presale and Fair Launches. Community was recently made and will grow massively as it’s very good for us who hunts for upcoming coin launches, it’s very beneficial for anyone who is looking for upcoming projects. They post lists of upcoming presales such as DxSales and unicrypt and also fair launches.
If you are a coin developer You can also submit your coin a day in advance of your launch day so it shows up on the list so this is amazing for exposure and for us investors to find coins to buy in daily for some profits.
Comments section per daily list are planning to be implemented when the community grows more so members can communicate with each other about their thoughts of the projects that are listed on the daily crypto launch list which is super nice for all of us.
This is definitely a must for the BSC crypto world and I recommend checking them out as it makes hunting coin launches way easier.
📌Daily crypto upcoming Launches:
💬Telegram: https://t.me/DailyLaunchBSC
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2021.09.24 20:38 Leahtheangel Looking for set pieces

My budget is 1.76 mil, NYP.
What I’m Nlf:
All year round sets
Summer fantasy set
Popstar set
Babydoll set
CB set (except fan)
WG set
PSF set (except skates)
SE corset and heels
RR sleeves and corset
Val skirt, cuffs, and ears.
If it’s not on this list or made an exception, then I’m probably looking for it. And again NYP!
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2021.09.24 20:38 Boring_Finger_8672 How bad my marriage is gonna be by having venus and saturn in 5th house, moon and rahu in 7th house, Mars in 9th house for taurus ascendant in D9 chart? Sorry for keep posting my chart but I really need to know and no one answered me.

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2021.09.24 20:38 IllumiNAUGHTIES_69 VALAMAI MIMI🤡

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2021.09.24 20:38 alllie Are Centrists in the Thrall of Right-Wing Propaganda?

Are Centrists in the Thrall of Right-Wing Propaganda? submitted by alllie to propaganda [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 20:38 o0THESHADE0o Psychological novel about a man who is secretly a killer.

Fiction novel about a guy who goes to an island by ferry as a salesman. The novel uses the characters stream of thought to tell the story and so you as a reader don't know that he is actually the killer the Islanders mention from a few years ago. He ends up killing another girl at some undisclosed time during the novel.
I read the book during my freshman year of college for a class and it was an older book. I think I got it locally, and I do not possess it now. Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.09.24 20:38 Creepy_Rip_2543 New Taleban cultural fascination: Pedal Boats

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2021.09.24 20:38 sanketvaria29 Do anyone know a good course on hlsl coding?

I primarily want to learn hlsl for unity because some things aren't provided in shader graph and I simply want my work to look better. I looking for some good course catered towards hlsl unity. Youtube or udemy any course, anything that has video because I suck at learn from texts.
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2021.09.24 20:38 Carter52 Making this meme gave me a migraine

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